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Here are 3 Signs that a Girl Wants to Sleep with You 

by Steve Gordon
Here are 3 Signs that a Girl Wants to Sleep with You

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen a girl wants to have sex you, it’s pretty obvious a lot of the time. You can usually sense that she wants it, and it’s more often than not apparent that she’s seeking it from you.

But of course, there are some girls out there are a little more coy about it, and you will have  the hardest time figuring out if she’ll be down to bang if you initiate. The worst thing that can happen for you is that she declines and feels like you’re coming on too strong.

By that point, everything is totally ruined. You don’t want that to happen at all, so here are3 signs that a girl wants to have sex with you, and you might realize them the next time you pick up a girl to bring on a few dates:

#1 – She’s Being Much More Affectionate than Usual

For the first few dates, you guys got really comfortable, maybe shared a kiss or two, and then went on your separate ways. You guys enjoy spending time with each other, but things never escalated to the point of having sex yet.

But when she starts getting closer to you, starts touching you a little more, and is generally more affectionate toward you, then you know you’re getting ready to have some fun soon.

It might not happen the same night she starts doing this, but you know she’s feeling really comfortable around you when she starts doing this.

#2 – If She Says “I Feel So Comfortable Around You,” You’re in the Clear

When girls say this, they should just hand you a condom and start unzipping your pants. This is a total giveaway that she’s ready to bang, and I can’t believe she even drops these hints so hard.

A lot of girls do this, and you’ve probably heard this before and stumbled on the opportunity.

If you failed the last time this happened, don’t let it happen again.

#3 – When She Wears Intimate Clothing When Inviting You Over

This is the trifecta right here. If she invites you over for dinner one day and is wearing something revealing, you’re 100% getting some tonight.

What she is wearing plays a major role in what you’re going to receive. If she’s wearing a night dress or short booty shorts, get ready in an hour for some play time.

If she’s wearing a tight and sexy outfit that is normal for everyday use, you may have to heat up the moment first.

Whatever happens, you’re getting laid tonight!

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