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Going to the Gym Can Help Your Sex Life! 

by Steve Gordon
Going to the Gym Can Help Your Sex Life!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’re a man over the age of 30, you’re probably in a sexual rut like most men.

It’s no secret that, as you get older, you and your lady don’t have sex as much as you used to. Call it boredom, getting stale, or just lack of sex-drive, but you can’t let it destroy your relationship.

There ARE ways to get your sex-drive back, and it works for both of you.

Did you know that exercising and hitting the gym can jumpstart your metabolism, mood, and yes, even your sex life!

You’re also helping your heart, your body, and your soul by being more active, so get up and get going already.

Here are 3 reasons why hitting the gym can help your life:

  1. Pump More Blood to Your Sexual OrgansIncreasing your blood flow has been shown to increase heart health, overall body health, and sexual health.Yes, for ladies, too!

    Having an increase in blood-flow to your sexual organs allows for more stimulation to the penis or vagina, and allows for more frequent sexually driven sexual encounters.

    Sitting on the couch reduced your blood-flow in the body, causing many of your problems with your health.

  2. Gets Your Muscles and Brain Working Like They Should Working out frequently gets your muscles out of their complacent state, allowing more blood to flow into them, increasing your flexibility and decreases tiredness.In addition, if you ever have to use your muscles, you won’t get that “my arms feel like Jell-O right now” feeling, which is the worst problem most people face.

    Not only that, but it’ll get your brain pumping more oxygen and blood to it, giving you a clearer head and more focused on your tasks in front of you.

    Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee when you’re down, you should be hitting the treadmill instead! A little cardio for 20 minutes will wake you up for hours, and make you feel like a million bucks.

  3. Fights Off Disease and LethargyHeart disease and other ailments like blood clots affect people who sit down for a number of hours per day, and it has no signs of slowing down.Most people work office jobs, and there’s no way to escape it. But if you value your life, you should be up and moving at least 2 minutes per hour.

    Studies have shown that getting up and moving around for at least 2 minutes per hour is enough to fight off a number of diseases that arise from sitting down for too long.

You’re all set for a better life! Your sex life will thank you, your body will thank you, and your brain will thank you!

Being inactive can only hurt your health, so get up and be active as much as you can.

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