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Get Stronger By Doing These 5 Every Day Exercise Hacks

by Steve Gordon
Couple Doing Planking

Getting a lean body and getting stronger at the same time is no easy feat. Hitting the gym regularly is a challenge. Going for a run is also tough. Basically, everything you need to do in order to be healthy, lean and strong is not a piece of cake. But don’t despair just yet. There are some simple exercises you can do every day that are not as burdensome as other routines. Sure, these activities are not going to give you the ideal physique right there and then, but at least they’re going to strengthen you up.


shutterstock_422369236Doing push-ups is the most typical and instructive kind of exercise next to running. It is so basic that people often forego doing it in favor of other fancy-sounding routines. But it has to be brought back for your sake. Essentially, push-ups are still an incredible way to establish strength in the shoulders and chest. You can begin with 20 daily up to the time you’re good to do 30 and more as the period progresses. The bottom line is start with 20 daily and see how stronger you’ll get.


Sit-ups are the perfect workout to work on your core and abdominal muscles. These will serve as the groundwork for your body to achieve fitness that is why it is vital that you perform as many as you can. Of course this doesn’t mean that you immediately go for 200 sit-ups right always. But if you want to see positive results, you need to keep on adding the number each day or each week from starting with 30 sit-ups.


Not everyone is a fan of wall-sits, nor do they think it’s efficient. But those who do believe in it consider it as a great way to strengthen your quads. There’s also the part where you test yourself in seeing how you can steadily increase your sitting time week after week.

Side Planks

shutterstock_306238778Truthfully side planks are tougher than it seems, but it’s a fantastic method to work your abdominal muscles into compliance. Ideally, side planks should be done in reps of at least 30 seconds each where you switch sides each time. In order to do these, lift your hips so that your body forms a straight line from top to bottom. The objective here is to be able to sustain the position for the duration of the rep.


In order to perform lunges you need to have some dumbbells and clear up some space in your home. Your objective is to lunge from one side of the room to other while simultaneously ensuring that your back is completely straight. Your posture is crucial here as the weight of this exercise rests on your core and legs.

You don’t need to perform these exercises all at once. It’s cool to do a few and then some, once or twice each day. Overall, these will boost the strength of your core, which further gears you up to participate in athletic events or other ventures.

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