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Fighting for Your Mental Health

by Ryan Peters
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When was the last time you looked in the mirror and felt happy with yourself? How many nights do you spend staring up at the ceiling hoping for a better day tomorrow?

The world is a cruel place to live and at times we can all feel like we’re drowning. There are ways to combat this through and find a way to live a little happier. You don’t have to feel like you’re alone in this world and at times when it seems that the darkness is going to crush you, all you need to do sometimes is, call out. We as human beings are all in this together, it may feel like you are the only one experiencing this helplessness but there are countless others trudging along beside you. There are many ways to help when you are feeling down but they’re not guaranteed by any means to work for everyone.

One of the best ways to pull yourself out of a slump is to talk about it.

mental illness awareness, green ribbon, mental healthFind a good friend and invite them over for dinner one night and tell them what you’re going through. Many times, people have no idea how we truly feel because we spend so much of our time and effort hiding it from everyone. Who knows, maybe your friend is having some similar experiences and is thankful for you bringing it up. Having a conversation about it and bringing out into the open can be the best thing for us sometimes. But maybe you don’t want to burden someone with how you’re feeling? While I believe that your friends and family would understand and help you move past your feelings of sadness and doubt, I recognize the uncertainty of your situation. I would suggest getting a journal, and yes, I know it may seem silly at first but writing down your thoughts can really help you work through them. Seeing real manifestations of the worries and doubts you face can make them more manageable and make it easier to literally close the book on them.

The things we put in our bodies also have a great impact on our mental state.

Something as simple as changing your diet or going to the gym can help your mood do a 180. A great first step is to drink more water and try to cut out any sugar or caffeine from your diet, and it doesn’t have to be forever. Taking a week off and giving your body time to recuperate and dispel any toxins will really aid in your journey to a better mental state. Eating fruits and vegetables will also make a big difference and try cutting back on red meats for a while and see how better you’ll feel. Once you have tackled the obstacle of a better diet you should try to work out your body. Start off slow if your unfamiliar, maybe just take a walk around the block and get some fresh air. Then you should work your way up to better exercise for yourself. A great way for people to work out tension and insecurities is to literally sweat them out. Try out yoga or join a kickboxing class to let off some steam. Your body will thank you and you’ll look and feel a lot better.

Sometimes the best option is the simplest. Go to a professional.

man with mental health problems talking with psychologistIf you are feeling bad about your life or yourself it really is going to help to get see someone for it. While it may seem useless or uncomfortable at first, you will eventually fall into a groove and hopefully realize that this is the better option for you than bottling it all up until you explode. This is this person’s job and they are going to push you to find answers and come to terms with some issues and you are going to be better for it. And if it becomes known that you might need medication to aid you in your recovery, take it. Too many people in the world refuse the help of professionals or pharmaceuticals and, why I even prefer the natural remedies, there are just some things you need a chemist for. Some people feel as though they are failures when they need medication or even when they might need to talk to someone, but the fact that you wan to fight to get better and our even allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone to do it shows you are a warrior.

The mental state of a person is a tricky thing.

It is hard to tell from the outside perspective if someone is hurting or in need. That leaves it up to you to take care of your mental health, it may not seem like a big issue now, but it will keep growing and growing until its unbearable. Talk to someone, it’s your best defense against it and even if you don’t feel comfortable talking to friends or family, talk to yourself. Work through it by making a journal or even just talking in the mirror. Changing things up in your diet and exercise routine can really lift you up out of the gutter. Making sure you are taking care of your body is going to boost your self confidence and improve your mental state. If nothing else talk to a psychiatrist, you may think it is a hoax or feel uncomfortable, but if you can prevent disaster by doing it why wouldn’t you? It is a tough battle everyday people face to keep themselves in a good and happy place mentally. Taking steps in the right direction is all yourself or anyone else can ask of you, so don’t lose hope. Keep fighting to be healthy and happy.

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