FCK Power

FCK Power
[dropcap]P[/dropcap]roduced by FCK, FCK Power is a male sex enhancement supplement that is now making rounds in the sex enhancement market .It is vigorously marketed it to give more energy to the user. Furthermore, the company claims that the supplement can increase the user’s size of sex organ by four inches in four weeks. Incredible claims indeed. But is it really true? Does FCK Power really work as claimed by the company?

We put the supplement to test in a private clinic for a period of five weeks. Our aim was to determine if the supplement really works as stipulated on paper. Many at time such claims prove to be propaganda in the long run.

After the test, we found that this product did really perform as claimed by the manufacturer. The users attained a 3.7 inches pennies enlargement in four weeks. Though it does not match what the manufactures stated in the paper, we can say that the product is incredible.

Uses of the product

  • Penis enlargement
  • Powerful erection
  • Enhances libido

First take

After five weeks of testing we observed the following from our male subjects.

  • Penis enlarged by an average of 3.7 inches
  • Powerful erections which wore up easily
  • The subjects experienced spiking libido

It is evident that the product really works. However, our tests subjects did not attain the four inches mark as stated by the company. Furthermore, the hard erection wore off quickly than anticipated. This is a downside effect as the user will have to purchase a three month supply. Here is how we carried out our tests:

  • There were two test groups and two control groups, one taking placebo pills and the other FCK Power.
  • The lab test were carried out by an external independent and certified lab to find out how the ingredient were potent.
  • The tests were carried out by our own members of staff to confirm the results.


Is the product really effective? In the beginning we were reluctant to believe that the product works. This is due to experience with numerous male enhancement supplements over time that turned out to be bogus. However, we were entirely wrong. The product is very effective.

After critically analyzing the product, our lab technicians came back with amazing findings. The product contains 389:1 potency ratio which is surely incredible. Compared to other supplements with a potency ratio of 20:1, FCK Power has high ratio. No wonder we achieved those results with our test subjects in our first testing. It is only correct to conclude that FCK Power is really effective.


  • Horney Goat weed
  • Maca Robot
  • Macura Pruriens

Among other ingredients in the product, the above listed are highly potent which provide you with nutrients for amazing sex growth.


With its amazing outcome, like penis enlargement, enhanced libido and firm erection, FCK Power has really proven to be effective and a go to product in the market. It comes highly recommended by our team for ultimate sex growth.

Grade: A


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