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Fasting to Weight Loss: the Power of Fasting 

by Steve Gordon
Fasting to Weight Loss: the Power of Fasting

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]asting can be a great tool in your arsenal for losing weight. You’re probably one of these people: you’ve tried everything in the book to lose weight, from weird diets and exercise routines all the way to eating weird food every day.

Nothing is working, and you’re starting to lose all hope. Other people lose a lot of weight, so why can’t you?

You probably feel hopeless, but there is another way: fasting.

Fasting sounds horrible to a lot of people. I mean, everyone loves to eat! Who would want to give that up for a long period of time?

Like it or not, it’s one of the most effective methods for losing weight, and it’s super safe and proven.

Intermittent Fasting has been Happening for Centuries

Ghandi did this. Yeah, it’s a serious routine!

What you do is not eat for 2-3 days at a time, and only take in water or other nutrient dense drinks like pure fruit juice.

While you’re taking in fruit juice with calories, it’s not nearly enough to have a serious affect on your weight. In addition, because you’re not eating solid food, your body is able to reset itself and kick start your metabolism.

In These 2 Days of Not Eating, Your Metabolism Goes Into Overdrive

While your metabolism is normally around 80% active of a normal day, when you’re fasting, it’s roughly 150%, which is almost double as active.

This allows you to burn fat at twice the rate. If you’re exercising, your fat loss will be supercharged in this period, allowing you to do twice the amount of work that you normally do.

So really, if you did this many times per year, your metabolism would be constantly spiking and burning off tons of fat that normally would still be on your body,

When You End Your Fast, You’ll Feel Brand New

It’s not just the weight that comes right off, your stress and toxins come right out, too.

You’ll be in a better mood since your body was able to cleanse its system of all the crap you had inside of it.

If you want to increase this desired effect, you can cleanse your colon, too.

One product that will help you relax is called RELAX. It’s one of the best products for inducing a sensation of overall awesome well-being.

After two weeks, you’ll feel unbelievable.


With fasting by your side, you’ll lose so much weight that you’ll be wanting to do it all over again. In addition, because it’s so safe and effective, nobody will be hurt by doing this.

Of course, check with your doctor first. You never know!

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