[dropcap]E[/dropcap]xtagen is an inexpensive product—available in limited supply—that alleges to enhance the sexual experience for males by overcoming different erectile dysfunction effects. This Extagen pills helps in improving dysfunctions such as lack of erection and hardness, reduced sex-drive, and lack of libido.

Unlike other products—that offer a 30-day supply—a user gets only a 10-day supply of Extagen. After testing it for a time period of 10 days, the results showed vaguely improved erection, hardness, sex drive, and libido. But the results disappear as soon as one runs out of the product. That means that one would have to buy a heavy stock of Extagen and use it forever in order to see positive results.


Extagen can be termed as a supplement that men can use to improve their sex life. It alleges to improve the effects of erectile dysfunction mainly by stimulating the blood flow around the penis.

First Take

A close look at the ingredients of the Extagen pills revealed that these pills are easy to take and consist of natural herbs that result in decent improvements to a person’s sexual health. However, its 10-day supply is a disadvantage because after you run out of the supply, the results vanish and you land back to square one.


The Extagen pills must be taken each morning on an empty stomach for better results. After performing a number of tests for a period of 5 weeks, there was only a 7% improvement in the sexual health of a person. Along with quality ingredients, Extagen was also found to contain 50% of filler, which makes it hard to be recommended to consumers.


Extagen is made of constituents that are not easily available. These include

  • Yohimbe: traditionally used as a male aphrodisiac to treat impotent men.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: has been used over the years to augment athletic, heart, circulatory, and sexual issues.
  • L-Arginine: intake of 5 g of L-Arginine on a daily basis has shown to defeat erectile dysfunctions in men.
  • Horny Goat Weed: is known to improve erectile dysfunctions, ejaculation, sexual problems.
  • Catuba Bark: is evidently used for augmenting male sexual performance.


Though made of quality components, Extagen was incapable of making a huge difference to a person’s sexual health. Also because of its limited supply and temporary effects, Extagen gets a D grade.

It is recommended to use Sexual Overdrive, which has been tested to reveal a 3 inch growth in the penis size and a 400% improvement in the areas of sexual health, including sexual stamina, erection, hardness, and libido.

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