Evlution Nutrition ENGN Review 

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  • October 3, 2015
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Evlution Nutrition ENGN Review

The best pre-workout supplement review


Workout days can be pretty daunting. For most of us, getting battered, tired, and aching at the gym isn’t the way you want to spend your day. We all know why we do it, but for some reason, gym days can be pretty mean lazy days as well. That’s why pre-workout supplements like ENGN are made. Evlution Nutrition’s ENGN is a pre-workout supplement designed to enhance your energy levels and give you the focus you need to start working out.

Evlution Nutrition ENGN is just one of the many pre-workout supplements you can choose from. Evlution Nutrition ENGN is one of the more common pre-workout supplements that many other recreational athletes and bodybuilders take. The real question now is – is Evlution Nutrition ENGN the best pre-workout supplement out there? We’ll find out in this review.

Ingredient information

Before going any further, it’s important to discuss the core ingredients of Evlution Nutrition ENGN. Here are the important bits of information that you need to know:

  • Evlution Nutrition ENGN is available in caffeinated and caffeine-free varieties
  • Contains Niacin
  • Contains Creatine
  • Contains Beta Alanine
  • Contains nootropics (betaine anhydrous, choline bitartrate, L-Tyrosine, Agmatine Sulfate, Pikatropin, Alpha-Glycerolphosphorylcholine, Huperzia serrata)

People who are sensitive to niacin are recommended to stay away from Evlution Nutrition ENGN to avoid developing a severe niacin flush. People who are taking creatine are also advised to adjust their creatine intake to accommodate the creatine content in Evlution Nutrition ENGN.

Creatine and Beta Alanine are typically found in post-workout supplements since these are not absorbed fast enough to work during workouts.

The mind-to-muscle matrix that is composed of nootropics are known to support cognitive function, mood, blood flow to the brain, and mental alertness. The nootropic blend is offered as a mental aid to motivate users to get off the couch and work out.

Basically, the effects of Evlution Nutrition ENGN are centered on making you feel good while working out. It just doubles as an energy booster, but it primarily works on your mood and your will power to help you do longer, more intense workouts.


Evlution Nutrition ENGN is offered in two versions – a caffeine-free version and one with a full dose of caffeine. The caffeine-free version is more affordable, at $1 per serving, while full-dose variants are priced at $2 per serving.

The full dose variant is expensive, considering that there are other pre-workout supplements that offer the same benefits at half the price. Its caffeine-free version is just within the spectrum, but that means that you would give up additional stimulant and fat-burning effects from caffeine.


Evlution Nutrition ENGN is a good-enough nootropic. Evlution Nutrition apparently thinks that their formula is good enough to charge double the amount that other manufacturers charge for their pre-workout powders. While Evlution Nutrition ENGN is an effective mood-changer, it’s important to understand that pre-workout supplements do not help you build muscles, they just prepare you for the activity that would actually help you build muscles.

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