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Essentials Every Man Should Carry

by Ryan Peters
essential things man carries daily includes Progentra supplement

Believe it or not, men don’t think to carry the essentials on them like women do. In other words, women know what they should carry with them each and every day; They know what items they’ll need to get through the day. Men, on the other hand, don’t think ahead, and they don’t necessarily need as many things to get them through the day as women do (it also helps that women have pocketbooks that they put the essential daily items in, and men only have a couple of pockets).

Okay, so that first paragraph was a little clunky. Let me attempt this again. Men need to carry certain essential items on them every day. And I’m not just talking about keys and your wallet, though those are definitely necessities you can’t go without.

However, what else is needed to fully prepare you for the day? Check out my helpful guide to the essentials that every man should carry below.

Lip Balm

Whether you’re smooching your significant other or not, you don’t want to have to go an entire day with chapped and cracking lips, do you? I hope the answer to that question is no.

Well, if it is no, you should always have a stick of lip balm on you. And, what’s more is that if you do constantly carry Chap Stick or lip balm on you, you’ll never have to bug your significant other to wear theirs (especially if it’s shiny/glossy and tastes like strawberries, though you may like the taste of strawberry flavored lip balm, ANYWAYS!).

The Key Chain/Ring that’s good for everything

This tool typically has many functions, such as performing as a screwdriver, or meddling your way out of difficult mechanical problems. Some key chains/rings even have beer bottle openers and/or wine bottle openers hanging from them. Depending on the key chain or ring you get will depend on the techniques it has to help you out with life each and every day.

The best part about these little life savers is that they clip onto your keys very easily. You never leave the house without your keys, so you’ll never leave the house without this nifty gadget, either.

Your Wallet

man's essential walleTEven though I already mentioned that it’s near impossible to forget your wallet at home, it is still possible (and some people still need a reminder to keep it on them at all times). After all, forgetting your little safety envelope behind would be a bad idea, considering it probably has all the necessities you need, including but not limited to, cash, credit cards, debit cards, rewards cards, driver’s license, etc.

In addition to all of these cards, men nowadays are putting Bluetooth tracker cards in their wallets, so that way if it does go missing, they’ll know how to find it.

Breath Freshener’s

Every man, or almost every man, loves their morning coffee. And who is anyone to stop them from indulging in a bit of caffeine before starting their day? No one, absolutely no one.

However, after drinking coffee, your breath may smell a little bit funky. It may taste a little bit funky, too. So, in order to get rid of that after-coffee smell, I suggest making sure you have some sort of breath freshener on you every day. This can consist of mints, such as Altoids, or gum, such as Orbit. Both Altoids containers and Orbits packets fit effortlessly in your front pockets, so why not add it to your list of essentials to carry with you for the day?

Bonus: These breath freshener’s are absolute life savers when it comes to meeting someone for the first time as well as when you’re approaching someone for a first date.

A Business Card Case

Having one of these says, “You’re professional,” without actually technically saying anything at all.

Business card cases are super small, and fit in just about any pants pocket there is. Plus, having a business card case keeps your business cards in the best shape they can be, with no bends, scratches, etc., damaging them.

Let’s be honest, we all know that leaving business cards in your normal, everyday wallet is not the best idea, seeing as they may potentially be harmed in the process of ‘keeping them safe.’

A Small Bottle of Fragrance

man carries small bottle of cologne in bagMake sure it’s not a bottle of fragrance that can be uncapped in your pants pocket, though. A small bottle of fragrance can go a long way, and it can help you out in times of need.

Actually, many men have tried the solid fragrance and they’ve come back with great reviews. The solid fragrance allows you to rub your fingers in the container, and place the fragrance on your body wherever you see fit (which will most likely be your palms, wrists, or chest). Plus, this solid fragrance will not leak out and seep through your clothing like small bottles of cologne will.

Try it out. You’ll probably love it, just like many men do.

A Pocket Charger, for your Phone or Other Technological Devices

Most pocket chargers give you the option to attach whatever charger you need, for whatever technological device it is you’re charging. However, some chargers are heavier and bulkier than others.

Well, that’s why I’m here; To suggest a newer, better model of the pocket charger. The newest improved pocket charger is known as the TravelCard Charger, and it looks exactly like what it sounds like: a travel card. In other words, this little charger fits into your wallet just like any other credit/debit card would, and it has a small wire coming out of one end to plug into your phone. Therefore, it gives you the ability to always have your phone completely charged, while offering a less bulky version to its users.

All these are the essentials you should be looking for. Once you have them, you’re on your way to a better day!


By Jenny Lyn

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