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Engaging in Daily Sexual Behavior Increases Happiness, Studies Show

  • by usahealthymen
  • August 15, 2015
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5 Keys to Great Sex for Now and For the Rest of Time!

So men, if your girlfriend or wife just won’t have sex as often as you would like, just tell her it’s for the good of your health!

Recent studies show that daily sexual contact can lower stress levels, lower mental fatigue, increase happiness, and reduce symptoms of depression in men. In addition, it also provides the necessary levels of exercise that are recommended by the FDA. Really, sex is the ultimate form of exercise!

Even if you’re feeling tired and don’t feel like going to the gym, just have some sex and it’ll be like getting a solid workout in.

But it goes even deeper than that, and here’s why:

Having Sexual Intercourse Or Engaging in Sexual Behavior Provides Mental Clarity 

When you have sex, your mind is able to temporarily forget about having sex. When you meet men who don’t often have sex regularly, they usually have one thing on their minds: sex.

When you are having sex often enough to make it a regular habit, it could be enough to allow your thoughts to stay more focused. You could even use this extra mental energy to get a new hobby going, or get going on that book that you have been writing for the last 20 years.

Whatever is your passion, not constantly thinking about sex all the time will be enough to get things done that you are passionate about. Men who barely have sex will still be stuck in the same place while you’re moving on to bigger and better things.

So that’s also something you can tell your lady!

Engaging in Sexual Intercourse Requires Help, Though

When you’re having so much sex, you’ll inevitably encounter the dreaded physical barrier, where you simply cannot do it as much anymore.

But don’t get too sad about it, because there are plenty of supplements out there to reinvigorate your body and give you the sex-drive, libido, sexual energy, and sexual performance to keep right on going.

While the market is currently awash in a lot of mediocre to bad products that most likely won’t work that well, there are a select few that will provide you with some awesome results. I’ve personally tested a lot of products, and these were my favorite by far:

  1. Sexual Overdrive – it’ll give your sexual energy and sex-drive a massive boost.
  2. Marathon Man Maca 1000 – gives you the energy to last longer in bed
  3. Xtreme Testosterone – gives your test levels a huge boost, giving you plenty of libido

With these products, you’ll be having plenty of sex, even when you’ve thought you had enough. Feel like a teenager again with these guys right here.

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