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Dermalogica Extreme C Review: Is it a scam?

by Steve Gordon
Dermalogica Extreme C Review: Is it a scam?

Dermalogica Extreme C Analysis 

Consumer are confronted by many issues on the perfect skin quest. The sun causes the production of melanin and this begins nearly from birth. Through the teenage years most individuals have at least some degree of acne which leaves its marks behind.  The aging process just exacerbates the problem as skin loses that lustrous glow and age spots begin to form. There are answers advertised at every turn and a large number of them are rip offs.  Dermalogica claims that Extreme C will solve all of the skin problems and more. It contains properties which act to decrease melanin production as well as lighten existing dark spots. It erases scars from the past to allow the skins beauty to glow. The company claims that this product can even treat hyperpigmentation.

Dermalogica Extreme C Components and Functions 

SUMMARY HYPERGENEMagnesium ascorbic phosphate is but only one form of vitamin c except this one is not acidic based. It interferes with the skin cell’s production of the color pigment known as melanin. It also increases its elasticity by triggering collagen formation. This version of vitamin c has also shown natural sun protective abilities.
Amino acids are sequenced together to form proteins and it requires 13 to create a peptide referred to as Oligopeptide-34. The function of tyrosinase is disrupted by its presence in melanocytes thereby interfering with the manufacture of melanin.  Camellia is an Asian flower commonly used to make white tea blends. It has highly moisturizing properties which quenches the skin and soothes it. The skin can quickly absorb it because this oil is so close to that of the skin’s.  Zinc glycinate has the ability to disrupt a specific chemical that skin cells need to produce color pigments when they are exposed to the sun. This protects the skin from odd discolorations.

Dermalogica Extreme C Upsides and Downsides


Dermalogica Extreme C Upsides

Hydroquinone is not used in the manufacture of this skin lightener.
There is a great deal of praise for this skin lightener.
Dissatisfied customers qualify for a refund.
The properties have been individually tried.

Dermalogica Extreme C Downsides

There is a severe limit on the number of any type of reviews.
The post market product has never been researched.
This is one of the costlier skin lightening products on the market.
Displeased users only have one month to request a refund.

Purchase Location

Numerous skin care product websites, Amazon, and Dermalogica.com offer this skin care product. A 1/3-ounce container will cost consumers approximately $65.

Final Vote

Some consumers say the results were awesome, while a few were extremely dissatisfied. Each component has been verified by the scientific community to be potentially effective. The post market product does not appear to have any scientific data gathered on it. This is one of the costlier skin lightening formulas on the market and users have only a 30-day window of opportunity to request their money back. This is not at all a smart purchase.

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