Cobra Labs The Curse  

Cobra Labs The Curse
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is a product that has stormed   the market with greater warnings. It works within 30 minutes after taking. As the name suggests Cobra one may think it is the most effective. Many users tend to misunderstand this information and instead they consume the product thinking it will work faster. Some even do not take a step and ask themselves which ingredients where used to manufacture such product. Similarly the company may have used such name to win the market yet the product itself is nothing but  a grab .

Product use

  • It is mainly used to for boosting energy.

First take

After reading the name ‘”curse” something negative rinks your mind To see how this product work, we went through some reviews and w found out that:

– When used concentration is altered

-There is quick drop of energy two hours after it has been taken.

The findings summarize everything about this product. First there is no energy fostered as the caffeine taken will simply break all the energy that had been build during previous the time. Similarly alteration of one’s reasoning capacity which is a huge side effect. Some users where even claiming that they could not reason properly for a certain period of time.


A cobra lab is effectively using ingredients which have high side effects to the body. We really outraged by this company’s product. Many users may fall on this trap without knowing. It at has been allegedly said it works within a short period of time. User should first reason why the product works so fast and be able to check what ingredients were used to make it. The reason why caffeine was used is just to brainwash a user by lowering the body concentration, thus making him/her think that the product is the powerful. Remember caffeine is a stimulant and when it is consumed in large amounts daily one may end up being an addict. Also depletion of energy will be more acute and alteration of concentration which can led to poor reasoning in future.


  • CreatineMonohydrate used for supplying energy to the muscles
  • L-Arginine AKG
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • L- Citrolline


The Cobra Labs is not a nice supplement for use. In fact the Company manufacturing this product should come out and say what the real function of their supplement is. Irrigardless of how faster it works, we are not convinced about its work. The ingredients used are all bounded by great side effects. It could be more realistic if the product had included nitric oxide which boosts nutrients in large amount thus helping in muscle building.


At least we have taken an overview of this product and we can see the results are much worst that we thought. Advise users not to use this product at all unless if you want to be caffeine addict.The side effects are too frustrating. If you want to boost your energy and develop muscles properly use NitroGenix-365 only.

Ratings D-

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