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Ways to Kill Sperm – P.S. Don’t Do Them

Sperm cells are such little energetic fishes roaming around in your scrotum. Okay, so that probably made you feel a little uncomfortable reading that, but don’t over think it. I mean, it’s a fun way to picture those little guys having fun, right? Maybe it’s only fun thinking about that because I’m a girl. Okay, […]

STDs and STIs: How Are They Different?

Sexually transmitted diseases or venereal diseases are mostly known as STDs or STIs. They are spread from person to person through sexual contacts. That includes oral, anal, or and vaginal sex. While each person defines sexual contact differently, these diseases have their own. Some may be transmitted without exchange of fluid or any penetration. They […]


In every state, there is much porn being watched, but how much is watched in your state, and which kind? The most common search for porn is lesbian porn in many states in America. A map created by Pornhub shows that lesbian porn leads the way in most of the West, Southwest, and Midwest. Some […]

6 Of The Best Beds For Sex

Many researchers say the bed should be used for only two things: sleep and sex. A bed, they say, shouldn’t double as an office, lounger for TV watching, or bounce house for children. Just two purposes. Your bed should perform flawlessly during both events and last for a long time. Customization for each partner’s comfort […]


Sex dolls, also known as blow-up dolls, have a long and varied history. As they become more and more realistic, one day they may actually tell us of their reality. Not unlike the famed Pinocchio, their ultimate hope may be to become a real woman or man. Lots of people, mostly men, enjoy them immensely, […]

How Sexual and Romantic Pressures Can Be Harmful To Male Health

Difficulty with finding a partner may have a couple of long term positive and negative health consequences.         On the one hand, the strains involved with finding a sexual partner could cause stress, which can ultimately be detrimental to someone’s health. On the other hand, it can motivate people to engage in […]

Male Birth Control: History, Benefits, and Future Plans

With a couple of exceptions, most forms of birth control are the woman’s responsibility – including Plan B, IUDS, hormonal injections, and birth control medications.         Previous attempts to develop male contraception have failed. Because unlike with most female forms of birth control, clinical trials demonstrated that male contraception often resulted in […]

Tips to Get and Keep Your Erection

       Erectile dysfunction, you probably hate to hear or read that word, but you shouldn’t be so ashamed of yourself. Every man will experience it in his lifetime. You may find yourself totally in the mood, but you’re unable to get an erection, and this can be embarrassing and frustrating.       […]

Regular Everyday Occurrences That Can Boost Sex

Maybe you haven’t really thought about it too much, but there are certain occasions that happen during the day where sex can be beneficial. Or reciprocally, where something that happens during the day could benefit your sexual experience. These are all things that may not happen every single day, but they happen often enough that […]

Sharing Chores Means More Sex for You

          Are you looking to increase the sex in your life with your significant other? I think we all are. I want to meet the guy who’s like, “no thanks, I’m good,” when it comes to the amount of sex that they’re getting. Or maybe I don’t. I doubt we’d have […]
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