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Improving Your Fertility Can be as Easy as Taking Zinc Supplements

            If you’re infertile, taking zinc supplements may do wonders for your reproductive health. Zinc is one of the most important minerals when it comes to male fertility. It has been repeatedly shown that men who are infertile or subfertile almost always have lower concentrations of zinc in their seminal plasma.             Zinc plays crucial […]

Urethral Warts Can Make You Infertile

            Having a wart in your genitals can be very embarrassing, enough to make you hesitate to consult a doctor about it. But when you leave urethral warts untreated, they can cause an obstruction in your urethra and prevent your sperm from coming out of your penis when you ejaculate. Hence, you may become infertile. […]

4 Arginine-Rich Foods For Boosting Penile Blood Flow

            The amino acid L-arginine or arginine is best known as a protein building block, which is why it’s commonly used in bodybuilding and athletic performance supplements. L-arginine is also known for being an excellent vasodilator. Because it helps increase the flow of blood to the penis, L-arginine is also used […]

6 Asian Aphrodisiacs For Enhancing Male Virility

In Eastern medicine, various herbal preparations are used to help men who are having problems with their sexual virility, especially those who are already feeling the effects of aging. These herbal tonics are used to increase libido, as well as to help men regain their ability to perform penetrative sex. Asian aphrodisiacs work in different […]

Arguments for Chivalry

Some insist that chivalry is dead, while some insist that it neither is nor, should it be. Some insist it is harmful to gender relationships, Others blame its decrease for a dystopia of meaningless sex and empty feelings, and others mean well but are unsure of what to do. If you are sometimes unsure what […]

How Oxidative Stress Makes You Infertile

          Considered the top cause of male infertility, defective sperm function is often a result of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when you have more free radicals in your body compared to antioxidants. Free radicals easily react with other molecules and can even cause chain reactions that are often harmful.           Unfortunately, lipids found in […]

3 Sperm Killers You Should Stay Away From

Your sperm is very sensitive to toxins, oxidative stress, and anything that can cause hormonal imbalances. If you’re worried about your fertility, you should try avoiding anything that can ruin your sperm health and jeopardize your fertility. In the same manner that the food you eat can help improve your sperm health, there are also […]

Ways to Kill Sperm – P.S. Don’t Do Them

Sperm cells are such little energetic fishes roaming around in your scrotum. Okay, so that probably made you feel a little uncomfortable reading that, but don’t over think it. I mean, it’s a fun way to picture those little guys having fun, right? Maybe it’s only fun thinking about that because I’m a girl. Okay, […]

STDs and STIs: How Are They Different?

Sexually transmitted diseases or venereal diseases are mostly known as STDs or STIs. They are spread from person to person through sexual contacts. That includes oral, anal, or and vaginal sex. While each person defines sexual contact differently, these diseases have their own. Some may be transmitted without exchange of fluid or any penetration. They […]


In every state, there is much porn being watched, but how much is watched in your state, and which kind? The most common search for porn is lesbian porn in many states in America. A map created by Pornhub shows that lesbian porn leads the way in most of the West, Southwest, and Midwest. Some […]
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