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Do you dread when it’s time to tell your kid to get off the video game? Does he/she go ballistic–screaming, kicking, and possibly throwing items? Does your child play games and do little to no schoolwork? Has your child begun avoiding social situations and not doing anything? Does his/her constant gaming make her behavior worse? […]

Causes of Fatigue

You definitely do not want to feel tired during the day because it can inhibit your focus, memory, and ability to learn. Insomnia and sleep deprivations are obvious reasons why you might feel tired. However, sometimes, even if you do manage to get sufficient sleep, you still experience fatigue. Certain medical conditions and certain sleep […]

The Pros and Cons of Sleeping In Late

Everybody has to sleep in sometimes to catch up on sleep. Otherwise, you might start to feel too tired to function properly because sleep deprivation can cause many negative effects on your brain and body. However, sometimes, sleeping in later is not as beneficial as it might feel because it can actually cause some harm […]

How to Stay Youthful

Many men are anxious about getting older because aging often comes with various physical and mental health concerns. Certain everyday habits can speed up the aging process, promoting an earlier onset of age related health problems. To live a longer and healthier life, you want to treat your body well and avoid activities that can […]

8 Signs You Are a Hardcore Extrovert

Do you enjoy being in large crowds? Does meeting new people fill you with excitement? If so, you might be an extrovert. Though you may have these traits, you may not actually be a hardcore extrovert. Just one slice of the five-factor model of personality, extroversion is actually on a continuum, so you may be […]

5 Signs Working From Home Wouldn’t Work For You

Many companies are adding telecommuting as an option for their employees. This can save money on equipment, space, and bills, but is telecommuting right for everyone? No, it isn’t. Many employees enjoy the office environment and do not want to work from home. Are you one of them? Here are six signs you’d be unhappy […]

Tips for Staying Healthy

A healthy lifestyle can make all the difference. Making healthy choices is what leads to a healthy lifestyle. These choices do not have to be hard ones, but by changing a few things in your life, you will begin to live a healthier life. By making some of these healthy choices, you will see the […]

Strange Signs You Are In The Right Career

When you find your dream career you’ll know it. At least in the beginning. This sparkling new career will be everything you dreamed of until tons of obstacles crop up. This career may be more challenging than you thought and begin to feel like you might have chosen incorrectly. To reassure you, here are some […]

10 Movies That Will Spark Your Ambition

Movies aren’t created equal. Each one can make you feel a lot of different emotions including fear, happiness, anger, sadness, longing, or horror. Luckily for you, the following 10 movies won’t make you feel most of those emotions. They will help you feel inspired and motivated to go out in the world and leave your […]

Surprising Ways You Are A Bad Dad (And How To Change Them)

Every parent exhibits some “bad parenting” at times. Whether you are stressed out, down to your last straw, or your kids are being really difficult, you may not make the best decisions, at all times. That doesn’t mean you’re a bad dad. Parenting is an extremely stressful job that results in an adult you hope […]
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