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Can’t Get Over Your Ex-Partner? Then This Guide Is For You

by Ryan Peters

Love is a fascinating emotion that gives you butterflies in your stomach, and it changes the way you do many things, but breaking up can be a truly awful time in your life. If you have recently broken up with your partner, then you probably feel miserable, and there is also a good chance that you are not sure if you can move on. Don’t worry – you are not alone in this. The Date Report explains that recent surveys have proven that as much as 85% of relationships do not last very long and eventually leads to a breakup. The problem, however, comes when the relationship has ended, and you see your partner is dating someone else. You might experience certain emotions, such as jealousy and a painful heart. Fear not, as it is possible to move on, get over your ex and reclaim your happiness.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Over Your Ex-Partner?

While some people are able to go through a breakup without much psychological damage, others tend to suffer a lot and feel like it is completely impossible to get over their ex-partner and move on with their lives. The impact that a breakup has on you as a person really depends on who you are, how serious you and your ex-partner was, and whether or not you expected the breakup to occur. If you are already experiencing symptoms of depression, for example, it might be much more difficult for you to get over your ex than it would have been if you did not suffer from depression. Mind Body Green explains that, even though each person holds on to their ex-partner for their own unique reasons, there are a couple of general facts that people often share when it is difficult for them to move on. These facts include:

  • You might not have let yourself grieve properly about the breakup. This fact is especially true if you and your partner were in a serious relationship that lasted for a significant period of time.
  • You might be blaming yourself or your partner for the breakup, which means you are obsessing yourself over your partner, the relationship and the breakup.

Why Is It So Important To Move On?

A breakup can happen in an instant, and it can be completely unexpected. This can cause a lot of confusion and mixed emotions, making it difficult to move on and get over your ex. The problem, however, is that it is not healthy for you to cling to something that will never happen again. You and your ex have broken up, and the relationship has ended. If you need some convincing that it’s time to move on, then take a look at these reasons shared by Glamour:

  • Can’t Get Over Your Ex-Partner? Then This Guide Is For YouWhen you are clinging to your ex and the relationship you had, you are really only holding yourself back from moving on and meeting someone even better.
  • If you are too concerned with your ex and that’s all you can talk about, it might get a little annoying for your friends to hang out with you.
  • You are torturing yourself by continuously looking at your ex’s Facebook profile and texting them when you think of them.
  • Not moving on means you will feel stressed, which may even lead to depression. It is a commonly known fact that depression is extremely bad for the overall wellbeing of the human body.

Here’s What You Can Do

By now we have told you about why you may be finding it difficult to get over your ex, and we have discussed why it is such an essential step to take. Next, we would like to focus on methods that can be utilized to help you get over your ex. These tips can help make the entire process be less painful, and it can help you move on faster without clinging to your ex, checking up on their social media accounts every hour or calling them to find out if they want to get back together.

Get Over Your Ex Like You Mean It

One common problem that people have when they try to get over their ex-partner is the fact that they think they can still be friends and stay in touch. While this is a nice thought and something that seems like a good idea at the time, it will really just make things much, much worse in the end. You’ll be continuously reminded of the good times you’ve spent together and, of course, of the breakup. Psych Central recommends going for a completely clean start and to completely cut communication to ensure you are able to get over your ex without any complications.

Look After Yourself

When you and your partner have broken up, life may seem like a big disappointment. This, however, does not mean you should be giving up on yourself. Instead, make a point to the fact that you need to look after yourself. Wear your good clothes every day, don’t forget to eat healthily and remember to take part in your regular exercise routines. While these may all seem like small and insignificant actions, they can all count towards the “new you,” and it will also help you realize that you are able to have a life without your ex-partner being there.

Can’t Get Over Your Ex-Partner? Then This Guide Is For YouNow Is The Time To Rely On Your Best Friend

While you were in the relationship, your whole world revolved around your partner. Now that your partner is gone, you will need to rely on your best friend to help you stay sociable and to ensure you do not sit at home all alone and sulk all day. Huffington Post reports that a recent study found hanging out with your best friend to be a powerful method for reducing stress levels. Since a breakup is a very stressful event, hanging out with your best friend could be the best medicine for your heartache.

Be A Little Spontaneous

You have been with the same partner for quite some time, and there is also a good chance that the two of you got into a comfortable routine. Since you’ve got a set routine, you will probably want to continue following the routine even after you have broken up. The routine will most likely also remind you of how you and your ex-partner used to do things together. To avoid this, be spontaneous and try something new. Maybe take a trip to a resort or game reserve with some friends or start taking a self-defense class. Something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the chance to get to, would be a perfect idea.

Final Words

A breakup is definitely not a positive experience, but it should not be an event that turns your life into something negative. Rather use the opportunity to reinvent yourself and follow the tips we have shared here to get over your ex, move on and to help you meet someone that will make you feel special in a completely new way, and offer you the opportunity to be in a healthy relationship.

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