BSN Syntha-6  

BSN Syntha-6
[dropcap]B[/dropcap]SN Syntha is a new protein powder and has hit the supplement market by storm. Even though, it leaves one question to be answered; to what extend is it really effective?

After a thorough and long research on the best protein supplements in the market, we finally came across the BSN Syntha-6.The product is manufactured by BSN which is a force to reckon with in the supplements industry. Even so, we came to a conclusion that the BSN Syntha-6 is indeed ‘delicious’. This is after a careful study of the several reviews we came across.

While the product is being marketed as “The best-tasting protein shake”, it still begs so many questions to be answered. However, one thing  is for a fact, BSN-6 Syntha is pleasant to many.

Even though the delicious nature of the product, one question still needs to be answered; Is BSN-6 Syntha really effective?

Based on the marketing strategy by BSN,it is evident that their main aim is to just sell the BSN-6 Syntha based on its taste alone. Is that really important? No! Any athlete will want to know if the product really works and care less how it tastes.BSN failed to bring out the real benefits of the product which is what every customer is looking for. That was the main aim of this review.


  1. Musle growth enhancement.
  2. Provides nutrition.
  3. Suports muscle growth synthesis.
  4. Helps to kick-start the recovery process.

First take

After our first trial on the product, we came across numerous issues;

  1. The test subject had stomach aches.
  2. Some test subjects had dehydration issues.
  3. Some test subjects had gas problems.

These issues clearly brought out the disadvantages of using BSN-6Syntha.The stomach upsets were brought about by the high doses of artificial sugar in the product. This means that there is very minimal protein absorbed overtime. Apart from the side effects, the price for this product is too high and does not match the standards.


As spelt out by BSN, the product provides important exercise and bodybuilding functions. This is made possible by the protein added to ensure muscle recovery all day long. Based on the product literature,BSN-6 Syntha  has different proteins that break down differently.

In the books, the ability of BSN-6 Syntha to have different digestion speeds means the product can provide the user with a steady protein source for a longer period of time. We put this theory to the test and the results were quite the opposite.

Even though the product promised muscle recovery throughout the day, it displayed numerous side effects which include blotting ,stomach aches and dehydration.

Needless to say, the accuracy of determining BSN-6Syntha effectiveness cannot be conclusive, since its outcome is highly dependable on the users physical activities. Besides this, many users rave about the taste as compare to what the product is supposed to do.


  • Protein matrix.
  • Polydextrode.
  • Sunflower powder.
  • Corn sugar.

As compared to other supplements, BSN-6 Syntha has 22g which is 44% of a users daily allowance. This is much less as compared to other effective supplements as they have a much bigger protein concentration per serving. Due to this, I believe that the gradual protein absorb ion may be too small to show any benefits.


It is for a fact that we all need protein that will be absorbed gradually .However, isn’t it better to stick to your protein diet if your protein shake doesn’t give you the correct amount of protein you need for your muscles? Furthermore, the artificial flavor added to BSN-6 Syntha does not add any nutritional value. We conclude that BSN did not gave the taste a priority rather than the effects.

We recommend NitroGenix 365 to users who want visible results right away. It is blended in a perfect mix of protein, nutrients and hormone boosters. Try this today and you will never be disappointed.

BSN-6 Syntha rating; C

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