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Boost Your Strength With The Deadlift

by Steve Gordon

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ay back in the 1800s, people thought the health lift was all a man needed to get stronger. It was a surefire way to gain strength and muscle, and nothing else was necessary. It was a simple, if slightly crude, exercise; you just plonked a load of heavy objects on a machine – which you then lifted. That was it. Job done. Fitness improved. Strength gained. And you’d go home and make mad, passionate love to your wife with your gorilla-like body. Fucking awesome.

Except since then things have changed.

The health lift has since changed its name to deadlift. It’s quite a contrast to go from ‘health’ to ‘DEAD’, but it probably just demonstrates our obsession with giving things dangerous names. That and the fact that it requires you to lift with your back. The deadlift is still an awesome way to improve body strength and muscle, though, but many avoid it because of the back thing.

You see, the deadlift requires a hell of a lot of effort. It wants hundreds of your muscles to work in tandem, and demands nothing but 100% commitment. Even your lower back has gotta suck it up and put in a shift.

But the deadlift has some amazing results; for example, it can help you lift your kids off the floor, and it can help when you’re carrying heavy boxes – such as moving day. If you incorporate the deadlift into your workout, the benefits can be hugely rewarding.

Deadlift Improves Your Posture

Suffering from bad posture? Then get deadlifting! Deadlifting enhances your core strength, and because it improves all the muscles that improve your posture, it helps you to walk around with a back as straight as a rod.

More Muscles Worked

If you feel as though some muscles just aren’t pulling their weight, there is no better exercise to kick them into shape than the deadlift. It works more muscles than you can shake a stick at, and wakes all your major muscle groups out of their lethargy. They might not thank you for it at first, but they will eventually.

It’s Totally Safe

Despite its scary name, there aren’t many safer weightlifting exercises than the deadlift. Think about: You’re not gonna get pinned down, and it won’t pull you backwards. If you’re come across a problem, just drop the weight. Simple.

Your Grip Will Be Amazing

Deadlifts are renowned for their ability to build massive amounts of grip strength, and for good reason.”

Not our words, but the words of Outlaw Fitness. Because you’ve gotta work hard to keep out of the bar, your grip improves tenfold.

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