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BodyTech PrimalJax Review: Is it a scam?

by Steve Gordon
BodyTech PrimalJax Review: Is it a scam?

BodyTech PrimalJax Analysis

The BodyTech manufacturer claims that the ingredients in PrimalJax were included to dramatically intensify muscle strength and growth. The design team says it produced this formulation with specifically chosen compounds to improve a great deal more than just muscles.

BodyTech also attests that the properties will strengthen testosterone manufacture and facilitate the its use. The libido is said to be boosted for bedroom antics as well.

PrimalJax further states that this design was created to give aging gentlemen and younger men an effective supplemental aid. They say that their team has blended components to aid them in achieving stud status and gym goals.

This is an investigation in order to scrutinize BodyTech’s claims and their blend of properties in PrimalJax. The clinical data about the ingredients will be compared to the company’s assertions to uncover the facts.

BodyTech PrimalJax Components and Functions

Improve testosterone levelsMucuna Pruriens,frequently called Velvet Bean, belongs to a family of legumes and has been shown to promote sperm count and motility. This legume manages cortisol to decrease stress and provides users with dopamine to facilitate testosterone production.

Maca Root can be found in medical histories and is frequently used in holistic medicine today. It can amplify your sexual energy and enhance performance. It provides double the benefits as it helps at the gym and in bedroom gymnastics.

L-Arginine belongs to a family of amino acids which are responsible for protein and testosterone synthesis. It has also been found to boost nitric oxide levels.

Horny Goat Weed is scientifically proven as an effective vasodilator which enhances the healthy flow of blood. It is known to kick the libido up several notches as well as improve stamina and sexual performance.

Magnesium is necessary for protein metabolism and muscle cell production. It helps to amplify post workout repair and time for recovery.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is another component often added to supplements designed to address and correct low T as well as erectile dysfunction. It is sometimes called Malaysian Ginseng because it has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries and has been shown to enhance sperm potency.

Devil’s Weed is also known as Terrestris Tribulus which has been used to boost testosterone levels and is included in body building and sexually enhancing supplements.

BodyTech PrimalJax Directions             

The creator tells users to swallow 2 tablets in the AM and another 2 in the PM.

BodyTech PrimalJax Upsides and Downsides

BodyTech PrimalJax Ingredients

BodyTech PrimalJax Upsides

The cost of their formula is low to moderate.

Positive customer feedback is available for review on the internet.

The separate ingredients of this supplement have been verified in laboratories.

BodyTech PrimalJax Downsides

There is a scarcity of consumer feedback.

The creator’s website is hard to find.

No reimbursement policy can be located.

The end product has never been scientifically scrutinized.

BodyTech PrimalJax Purchase Location

Amazon sells tis product, but the official website cannot be found.

BodyTech PrimalJax Final Vote

This is a poor supplement choice as consumers cannot ask for their money back or speak with customer service.

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