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Does Black Mamba Pills Genuinely Work?

by Steve Gordon
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About Black Mamba Pills

Black Mamba Pills is a male enhancement that guarantees to increase a man’s sexual functions and overall performance by boosting the quality of his erection, his sex drive, and his sexual stamina. Basically, there are two kinds of these products. There are the daily supplements, which you take regularly, and the fast-acting ones, which you only take whenever you need it, or whenever there’s an action in the bedroom to gear up yourself for. Many guys prefer the latter for convenience’s sake. It’s kind of a hassle to take a supplement each day. Sometimes, people forget to take something they’re supposed to consume daily because they’re busy.

The good news is that Black Mamba Pills is one those male enhancement supplements that is quick-acting and is only taken whenever the need arises. Its company touts that you only need to take this product 30 minutes to one hour before having sex. When you do, you can expect to have heightened sex drive, stamina, and formidable erections – all the things you need in order to satisfy yourself and your partner with a remarkable sex.

Supplement Claims

Does Black Mamba Pills Genuinely Work?According to its manufacturer, this male enhancement supplement can deliver improved sexual endurance, heightened erections, as well as size, augmented volume of ejaculation, and greater orgasms. Also, Black Mamba Pills claims to help with premature ejaculation, allowing guys with such issues enjoy sex for a longer period of time.

What’s more is that this product is claimed to be developed by a doctor and its purchase can be done over-the-counter with no requirement of a prescription. It is also claimed to be harmless since there aren’t any detrimental substances involved in its formulation.

Proper Use

The company suggests to taking 1 capsule of the supplement with a glass of water 30 minutes prior sexual intercourse.

Safety Precautions

It’s not recommended to take more than 1 capsule within 60 hours.
Taking more than the suggested dose is not advised.
It is better to speak with your physician prior to taking the product.
It is important to speak with your doctor should you have a heart problem.
In case of negative adverse reactions, discontinue use right away.
Black Mamba Pills is not advised for those who have high blood pressure, heart issues, and diabetes.
If you’re already consuming other supplements or drugs that contain nitrates, don’t take Black Mamba Pills.

It is important to note that there’s a warning granted by the Food and Drug Administration against Black Mamba Premium, which is another supplement developed by the same company that formulated Black Mamba Pills.

Ingredient Profile

Tribulus Terrestris
Damiana Leaf
Maca Root
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D3

Caution from the FDA

Does Black Mamba Pills Genuinely Work?Black Mamba Premium (another product) was reported to have Sildenafil in its formula. This is the active component present in Viagra. The issue is that this component needs a prescription from a physician before it can be deemed safe to be used by men. Black Mamba Premium is only a supplement and should not contain something this strong and potent, especially if people could purchase them over-the-counter as this could lead to some serious adverse reactions for some people. Since Black Mamba Pills and Black Mamba Premium are created by the same company, it’s crucial for customers to be cautious about this.

Place of Purchase

Despite the warning from FDA, Black Mamba Pills is still available in some online resellers. Its cost varies, depending on the store selling them. One site was selling Black Mamba Pills for $.99 for one dose and $16.59 for 24 doses.

Customer Testimonials

Many reviews stated that while Black Mamba Pills were effective in giving them harder erections, there were unpleasant adverse reactions as well, such as a feeling of bewilderment, dizziness, and a headache.

Product Feature

It is effective for some people. On the other hand, the side effects it causes are an issue. Moreover, there may be hidden components in the supplement that can be harmful for some people to consume.

Bottom Line

If you think you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, discuss this with your doctor. If the diagnosis confirms your suspicion, your doctor will prescribe you a Viagra. This way a safe way of improving your sexual functions instead of exploring supplements that may have secret ingredients. While Black Mamba Pills work for some people, it’s hard to gauge its safety because we’re not informed how much Sildenafil it contains, if we’re to suppose that it contains said ingredient. The safest approach you can do here is to consult your doctor first.

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