Best Tips for Having the Sickest Workout of Your Life 

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  • August 29, 2015
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Best Tips for Having the Sickest Workout of Your Life

When it comes to working out, you either need to push yourself to the extreme or just stay home. If you’re just working out at an average pace, you’re barely doing anything, so why even bother? If you’re here to learn how to get ripped, how to get a lean and sculpted body, and ultimately be the envy of all the men around you, you have come to the right place.

I’ve been working out for over 10 years, so I know exactly what it takes to have the sickest workouts ever. After you’re done here, you’ll be so jacked up that you’ll be a gym pro.

Here are the best tips for having a ridiculously good workout:

#1 – You Need Supplements NOW

If you’re not taking any muscle-building supplements, you’re just wasting your time here. But if you want to be jacked and get sick muscles, as well as a nice six-pack, you need some supplements.

Honestly, most of the things I’ve seen really suck. They won’t work, and you’ll never see any progress.

But I’ve found a few awesome supplements that will definitely give you sick results.

Xtreme Testosterone is one of the best supplements I’ve ever used for boosting your testosterone levels. You need higher test levels to see gains. It’s that simple. Taking this stuff one time every day will be plenty of power to give you ripped muscles in a matter of months.

Need more help? Get Nitro Genix 365. This stuff will give you an amazing pump. You’ll be so pumped that you’ll absolutely destroy your workouts! Get both of these. Trust me. Use them both every day just once.

#2 – Get Rid of Your Pansy Workout

Chances are that you’re in the middle of a pansy routine that won’t get you any muscles. Doing lame cardio and wasting all of your calories? Stop doing that right now. Cardio may be healthy in the long run and will be necessary in the end to shed fat, but you’re building muscle right now. You need all the calories you can get.

It takes a lot of calories to build muscle. Wasting them on cardio will not help you. So you need to have at least 3000 calories per day, spread out throughout your day. It also depends on when you workout. Afternoon or night is perfect for this 3000 calories diet.

So use all of those calories wisely, eat like a mad man, and eat a lot of protein.

You follow these tips, you’ll be jacked in no time.

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