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Benefits of Running

by Ryan Peters
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There are many exercises that people take to make them happy. Swimming, weightlifting, walking, they all do something for someone. And running is one of those activities that can offer so much. It can reduce your high blood pressure risk, it can strengthen your bones and limbs, and it can strengthen your immune system.

Running can also manage your weight more by burning more fat and increasing your metabolic rate. And overall, running can improve your confidence over time. You also relieve your stress as well because of the mood regulation that the oxygen gives to your body.

1. Strong brain functions

Running gets your dopamine and endorphins firing in your brain, making you happier as a result. It also helps that running is good for your brain and body, which means it all contributes to a good mind. It comes in handy if you need to run out any sadness that you feel. Also, running is great to do whenever you feel stressed out. Because nothing makes you happier than running. And it will help with cognitive functions as well, making your mind more alert and smarter. And of course, it can protect your brain from brain-related complications as well later in life since oxygen in your brain equals a healthy brain that is going to be able to protect itself as long you keep running daily.

2. Strong lungs

Benefits of RunningRunning pumps necessary air into your lungs. Thus, your lungs become stronger, strong enough to run more than they had before. Running enough times will take you first place across the finish line in no time. It will strengthen your lungs, so you can, gradually, run further distances and faster, too. Not to mention, strong lungs also mean that you can last under any exercise.

3. Reduces high blood pressure

Your running pumps up your heart as well. That means it reduces your risk of high blood pressure, by pumping your blood flow into your heart and reducing the strain on your blocked arteries. Plus, pumping your heart rate also raises your metabolic rate as well which is good news if you want to lose some weight. That means your blood pressure will be normal as long as you continue to run, and you won’t suffer from any heart disease complications any time down the road of life.

Running is your remedy for high blood pressure for life, and high blood pressure is a strain that your body can do without because it needs every single organ in the body to function properly. If there is one organ not doing its job right and it’s the fault of a blocked artery, then everything else in the body’s system goes out of order. And everyone wants their body to be in working condition.

4. Strong immune system

Running will mean having a stronger immune system over time. However, you will have to get sick with minor illnesses first. It might suck to be sick. However, it’s still a sure way to get a stronger immune system. The more you keep at running, though, and the more minor illnesses you weather through, the less likely you will get sick with anything serious or get sick too often after the bout of minor illnesses. It’s a good way to get yourself healthy especially when you get to your old age. You’ll find in your old age, once you get through the minor illnesses in your youth, that you don’t get sick as often as you’re used to.

5. Weight

As I’ve mentioned earlier, running raises your metabolism, and it makes you lose weight. Or control it, whichever you prefer to do with your weight.  It will burn that excess fat for extra running energy so by that logic, the more you run, the more you lose the excess fat. So, if you plan on losing weight, plan your diet plan accordingly with your fitness plan; And that also goes if you just want to control your weight.

6. Legs

Running can strengthen your leg muscles. That makes them strong enough to carry you to your destination and then some. They can also look really good because, then, they won’t have as much cellulite and more muscle in them to make them look good and feel good.

7. Relieves stress

Benefits of RunningRunning will relieve you of stress by firing serotonin and dopamine in your brain. It will also pump oxygen into your lungs as well. In addition, oxygen will also go to your brain with mood-regulating hormones to help combat stress.

8. Increased bone density

Running makes your bones stronger. Because of that, bone density reduces osteoporosis. So, running is a pretty good sport to do if you don’t want to break your bones too easily, especially in your old age.

9. Increased joint strength and stability

Granted, the joints might not be unbreakable, but they would be a lot more durable than how they would be if you didn’t run.
It could be a great thing to have, especially when it could reduce the risk of arthritis. And being stable in your body is great, too. It reduces the risk of falling and tripping during your run because your ankles will be stronger, too.  It’s also a good thing because it can withstand longer runs and jumping jack exercises without much wear and tear the longer you keep at those exercises.

10. Increased confidence

Your confidence will grow when you run. You lose weight, you are happier, your body is stronger, everything about you gets better, and it would be no wonder that your self-confidence increased. You would also progress in your running distance and how much you’ll be able to run without stopping for air. And you’ll be more confident at trying other exercises as well since you’ve already done running exercises for a while with great results and now you feel like you can do other exercises with even greater results. All in all, the confidence from running leads to even greater confidence and a willingness to try new things.

Overall, there are a lot of advantages to running. It can make your muscles stronger. It can make your bones stronger. It can make your lungs stronger. It can even make you happy and self-confident with all the changes that running comes with. Running can change your life for the better and improve your quality of life in your old age. And it can open your mind to new exercises and new results that you never thought possible before.

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