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9 Exercises That Are Beneficial For Older Adults

by Ryan Peters
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Sometimes it can be hard to find the right workout routine that works for you, especially if you’re over the age of 65. People who are older have to be more careful when working out because their muscles and joints are easily injured. Thus, some exercise machines may not be appropriate for older people to use or operate.

However, there are various exercises for the older generation to enjoy while being safe and secure. For example, joining a ballroom dancing class can be beneficial to anyone over the age of 65. It’s known that ballroom dancing is a social exercise, and therefore, anyone who participates in the exercise will reek the advantage of socializing while exercising. Also, ballroom dancing can improve cognitive ability due to the need to memorize steps.

But what other exercises can senior citizens benefit from? Here is a list of exercises that are beneficial for older adults:

  1. Swimming

When you go to a pool, it’s likely you’ll see a range of age groups from kids to older adults. Swimming is perfect for older adults since it’s a low-impact exercise and it’s a total body workout. Also, swimming increases the strength of your heart muscles which enhances cardiovascular health over time. Therefore, by swimming an average amount a week, you could improve your heart health without evening thinking about it. Additionally, swimming is known to increase brain activity in older adults due to the need to think about the depth of the water, the amount of time needed for an average swim, as well as, the speed required to complete the swim.

  1. Yoga

9 Exercises That Are Beneficial For Older AdultsMost people know yoga for its relaxing and meditating benefits, but it also has many physical advantages as well. Particularly in older adults, yoga is known to produce muscle strength, balance, and flexibility in muscles. But yoga is not just beneficial to a person’s muscles; in fact, yoga even increases bone density. With all these advantages, it’s hard to believe that yoga is a low-impact exercise and will not harm or injure muscle unless performed incorrectly.

  1. Pilates

A lot of people who take Pilates have had or are trying to recover from a physical injury. However, Pilates can be very beneficial to older adults, in fact, the most significant advantage of Pilates is its balance enhancing the effect on individuals while some other benefits include improved core strength and flexibility. If you are older in age and want to enhance your balance, you might want to give Pilates a try.

  1. Bodyweight exercise  

The purpose of bodyweight exercises is to keep your body muscular and prepared for daily activities. When a person gets older, it might be challenging to keep his or her body in shape for everyday activities. However, bodyweight exercises like stair climbing, chair squats, and push-ups can help anyone get back in shape. Although, it be a few weeks before any differences are noticed. Most people see a difference in how their body is shaped in one to two months of performing bodyweight exercises.

  1. Resistance band exercises  

Resistance bands can be hard to operate if a person doesn’t have proper instruction or hasn’t performed band exercises before. However, band exercises are beneficial to older adults due to the resistance of the band they can help strengthen the back. Strengthening the back is essential for maintaining good posture which is crucial for performing specific exercises and motions within certain routines. In fact, if you don’t have correct posture, you increase your chances of injury. Therefore, by performing a resistance band, exercises can help prevent injuries from occurring in the future.

  1. Walking

Unlike other exercises, walking is a cost-effective exercise. Some people like to have fancy walking shoes and an iPod to listen to music, but the necessities of walking are purely simple. All that is needed is some good shoes and some water. In fact, unless you want to, you really don’t need an iPod or something to distract you. Nature is a perfect natural distraction, and you’ll probably not even notice that your attention has been diverted. Most people forget about the beautiful scenery of their hometown or a park because they see it all the time. However, just because you see it doesn’t mean you actually take it in. Due to the low impact of walking, it’s likely that a person can spend up to two hours enjoying the views of nature while exercising their muscles.

  1. Cycling

9 Exercises That Are Beneficial For Older AdultsCycling is known for enhancing leg strength and cardiovascular health in older adults. With its low impact nature, it’s perfect for any senior citizen who wants to try it since there are fewer injuries associated with cycling. In fact, cycling has even shown an increase in cognitive skills for people older than 60. However, cycling may be expensive for some. If you want to try cycling but you believe you might not be able to afford it financially various community programs and organizations can help you.

  1. Exercise classes  

Exercise classes are a perfect way to get out of your comfort zone. There are various classes ranging from easy-going too difficult in the routines that are instructed. In fact, some classes take place in a swimming pool or outdoors rather than in a gym setting. Group classes are not just ideal for exercising the body but also the mind. Many classes challenge the mind to think outside the box when exercising. Also, an added benefit to taking exercise classes is socializing with other people. Some people even make friends with members from their exercise classes and therefore, by taking an exercise class is a great way to work out and meet new people.

  1. Personal training

Hiring a personal trainer may be pricey; however, if you’re over the age of 65, you’ll benefit from your investment. When you hire a personal trainer, he or she will teach you how to perform exercises correctly and what exercises you’ll benefit from the most. In fact, if you hire a personal trainer, he or she will also motive and inspire you to keep going on your fitness journey.

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