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8 Signs You Are a Hardcore Extrovert

by Ryan Peters
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Do you enjoy being in large crowds? Does meeting new people fill you with excitement? If so, you might be an extrovert. Though you may have these traits, you may not actually be a hardcore extrovert. Just one slice of the five-factor model of personality, extroversion is actually on a continuum, so you may be partially an introvert. Or, an evenly balanced ambivert. This model asserts there are five broad dimensions of personality, and they are known as the “Big 5” personality traits. In case you want to know the specifics, the five dimensions are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. So, now that basic definitions are out of the way, here are eight signs you might be an extrovert, even if you aren’t a hardcore one.

#1 Talking Is Extremely Pleasant For You

You enjoy talking to everyone. Rather than just limit your circle to friends, family, and colleagues, you are curious about the lives of everyone, including strangers. Introverts often use caution before speaking, thinking about the different aspects of a situation, while you speak to others to explore, organized, and gather feedback on these situations. This may help you improve scenarios faster because you ask for the opinions of others, who may experience dealing with the situation you are in at the moment.

Most extroverts have a large circle of friends. You enjoy talking to others, creating a group out of single people so they can bounce ideas off of one another. Having many friends comes easily for you.

#2 Socializing Energizes You

extrovert man socializing with friendsWhen you are in a group, you feel “charged up”, rather than drained. The exact opposite of an introvert, being around others makes you feel inspired and refreshed. This is the biggest difference between the two personality types. When you are alone, you may begin to feel restless, listless, and even sad. Being alone drains your energy and you may feel intense loneliness. If your friends aren’t available, you may browse social media for that constant flow of human interaction. Even if your friends aren’t online you may browse through their posts, liking and giving encouraging comments so they can see them when they wake up. As an extrovert, you may want to be careful with social media so it won’t take up your entire day.

For the most part, if you were given the choice, you would choose to be around people, as they are your battery.

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#3 Discussing Problems Helps You Solve Them

Rather than think of solutions in solitude, you discuss with others. Putting your thoughts into words and into the minds of others helps you think through the advantages, disadvantages, and other options that may be linked to the problem. when you have had a difficult day at work, talking with others may help lower your stress. Getting your thoughts out of your head helps you deal with any problems that may be bothering you, so you can solicit the advice, knowledge, and objectivity others provide.

#4 Friendly And Approachable

Most people who meet you describe you as friendly and approachable. You may be the first person to welcome a new person at a party or other social event. Your friendliness puts others at ease and helps them share their skills and personality. For the most part, when people are around you they will come out of their shells and enjoy activities more than they would have if you weren’t present.

#5 You Are Extremely Open

When around you, people may find it easier to share their thoughts and feelings as you are very open. Your pleasant and forthcoming demeanor inspires trustworthiness and confidence. On the other hand, introverts may seem aloof and solitary, because they are often in their own heads, thinking about the world. Your easy smile and relaxed nature invite people to get to know you.

#6 You Seek Out New Experiences

maN parasailingYou’re pretty much up for anything. You love new experiences and living life to the fullest. Whether your friends want to live abroad, travel around the city in search of some bar they haven’t been to, or you are walking over to ask that new colleague out who may or may not have been giving you the eye, you want to try everything. Extroverts often go with the flow to get the most out of life. You may not think too much of the details involved but may already be immersed in the adventure that’ll result.

#7 You Are A Natural Leader

Your “take charge “attitude and love for connecting with people often peg you as a natural leader. You may have a lot of great ideas that you enjoy sharing with others and finding ways to improve upon. Your ability to gather people and maximize their potential will also help you when leading. But, just because you could be a leader doesn’t mean you want to or have to. It is your choice. This is the same for introverts. With their quieter nature, they may not seem the quintessential leader but they can make formidable leaders who take others’ opinions into account and then build a plan.

If you decide to become a leader, your ability to direct people, understand their motivations and passions, and delegate tasks will serve those under you well.

#8 You Speak Your Mind

Tied to your other traits of connecting with others is your natural characteristic of speaking your mind. Sometimes, this can be off-putting, but with a bit of filtering, you can be seen as an honest person who plays no games. This can pull people toward you because they can trust your words.

Being an extrovert is a great thing and you should celebrate your natural personality.

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