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6 Simple Steps to Treat Dry Eyes

by Steve Gordon
Speck in the eye

Dry eye syndrome can be a nightmare to manage. Not only does it give you unsightly red eyes, it can be painful and irritating. It occurs when the tear glands do not produce enough liquid to keep the eye properly lubricated. While it seems like a simple thing to conquer, dry eye can be a recurring problem that causes your eyes to feel stiff in their sockets. It can be a one-off issue, caused by dry air or marijuana smoking, but it can also be a chronic condition. If it affects you, try taking some of these steps to help deal with the issue.

 1. Artificial tears

preview-full-dry_eyeYou can buy artificial tears in any drug store without a prescription. They are usually just saline but sometimes they contain other components to help soothe the eye. Make sure you choose something which doesn’t have preservatives as this can irritate the eye further. You cannot overuse these solutions, and they are easy for you to keep applying when necessary. You will also find that there are gel versions, but their thickness can cause your eyes to blur. These are better to use as you go to sleep.

 2. Avoid cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke can cause dry eye. Smoke itself will dry your eyes out, but cigarettes have over 7000 chemicals in them that can negatively affect the eyes. The chemicals can also irritate dry eye if you already have it. Try to stop smoking and stay away from those who do.

 3. Introduce omega 3 to your diet

Omega 3 fatty acids are great for helping your tear ducts to produce more tears to lubricate your eyes. They also work to relieve irritation. You can introduce foods like coconut oil, fatty fish, and avocados. Alternatively, you can take a supplement like Optimal Omega to help you get it into your system.

 4. Ointments

You can buy a range of different ointments which to use on your eyes at night time, as like the gels, they blur your vision. You can ask a pharmacist at any drug store and they can point you in the right direction. However, if you wear contact lenses, these ointments are not for you.

 5. Eyewash and compress

preview-full-thikstock_rf_man_administering_eye_dropsHeat a bowl of water and then soak a towel in it. Wring the towel out and hold it over your eyes. Then use baby shampoo to wash your eyelid. This will help to release the oils in the tear glands that may be stuck, preventing tears from forming. Be careful not to get shampoo in your eyes.

 6. Use a humidifier

Putting a humidifier in the room will increase the moisture in the air. This will help to keep your eyes feeling more lubricated and will prevent them from drying out so easily.

 Dry eye syndrome can be uncomfortable. While it isn’t too painful, the irritation can build up if you have it for a while. The key is to get moisture to your eyes as easily as possible.

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