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6 Simple Dieting Tips

by John Jones
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Are you struggling to lose a few extra pounds and keep it that way?
We understand that starting a weight loss journey can be worth your while, but at some point, it can become really overwhelming. You would encounter certain challenges when you try out a new thing, especially one that involves you switching up your eating and drinking pattern.
But if you incorporate these changes one at a time, you should see positive results in no time,
Read on to learn key secrets to incorporate into your dieting regime. After all, there is no gain in losing weight if you would only gain it back.

Follow A Strict Healthy Eating Plan

When we say a healthy meal plan, we don’t mean you should go on only veggies and just fruits. You can go on a healthy eating plan even if you want to keep eating the foods you love. You can include plenty of veggies and not-too processed foods together with your favorite meals. Other options you may want to consider are low-fat dairy, seafoods, beans, nuts, and whole grains. These options are great because they are low in calories and give you a full feeling so that you won’t get the hunger pangs any time soon. You should know that the most satisfying foods have lots of fiber or low-fat protein, and sometimes, a bit of both.

However, if you naturally love highly processed foods that are high in fat, you can slowly wean yourself off them, and replace it with healthier options. During this process, you can create a new meal plan that would increase healthier foods and also decrease others. Also, it’s much easier when you make these changes during the weekend, and you can take mineral supplements to substitute for missing nutrients.

Set Reasonable Goals

Too much fatMost people begin their weight loss journey with an almost-impossible goal, dreaming of achieving a size that isn’t even attainable in a short while. When this happens, you tend to be discouraged, and this would halt your weight loss journey.
Studies have shown that losing weight gradually can boost your overall health, and even lower blood level, cholesterol level, and blood sugar. To keep yourself on track, it’s best to set weight loss goals that are realistic, and remember that the recommended rate of weight loss per week is about 1-2 pounds, any figure more than that would be tagged “unhealthy.”

Start With Baby Steps

To switch up your regime is a hard thing to do, but it’s way easier when you gradually make these changes.
We suggest that you make one change weekly, so your body can properly adjust, and you can maintain the new eating habit for a lifetime.

Do not Incorporate Carbohydrate To Your Eating Regime, Unless Fiber is Inclusive

When you decide to eat carbs, you have to make sure that it has fiber attached to it, and that means it’s time to say bye to the “bad carbs” – soda, and candy. The more fiber you have in your diet, the better for you.
Fiber is important in regulating your blood sugar level, lowering cholesterol, and it reduces your risk of developing diseases like colorectal cancer and diabetes.
Some of the best foods rich in fiber include; legumes, veggies, and fruits – apples, oranges, and pears.

Make Plants The Pillars Of Your Diet

fiber and digestion, colon

Of course, different strokes work for different individuals, but you should make plant foods the basis of your diets.
Research has proven that plant-based nutrition helps on weight loss, disease prevention, and improves your overall health. Regardless of what you are eating, be sure to include a couple of foods from the earth.
This means you get to eat lots of non-starchy vegetables and fruits like berries and apples. Plant-based foods have a lot of minerals, vitamins, and even phytonutrients that help to protect your body cells and prevent inflammation. Furthermore, it also contains lots of fiber and water, which would help you stay full for a longer time, and help you stick to your diet plan.

Do Not Zero Out Any Food

The moment you tag your foods as “good” and “off-limit,” you immediately fixate on the foods you know you shouldn’t eat. Typically, you would begin to crave the foods even more because deep down, you have them canceled out already.
Instead, place your priority on eating the right portion of healthy foods at least 80% of the time. Pairing this with a consistent workout regime can help you achieve your weight loss goals. And you also get to have a bit of space to wiggle in some of your cravings without feeling guilty afterward.

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