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6 Exercises to Try While Traveling

by Ryan Peters
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It can be challenging for people who have jobs that require a lot of traveling to find the time to work out. However, in order to maintain a fit physique, some people need to exercise on a regular schedule.

Although, depending on the hotel you stay there might not be a gym available. But there are various options a person can choose if a gym or specific type of equipment is not open. For example, a person could use the space of their hotel room to do stretches, lunges, or other exercises. Or if you have a bit of time, you could go for a jog around the hotel.

But what are some workout routines that anyone can do while traveling? Here are the top six exercise routines people most commonly do while traveling:

  1. Warm-ups

While warm-ups are widely thought of as a pre-workout; however, warm-ups are an essential part of the exercise process. Warm-ups are designed to stimulate muscle and joints, so they don’t become injured while you’re working out. Many people who skip this step while exercising experience extreme sore muscles and are prone to injuries. Some examples of warming up include jumping rope, jumping jacks, and stepping up on a step or bench. Many experts suggested that you only do as many warm-ups as you feel necessary to exercise your muscles before you begin your workout. Doing warm-ups in the comfort of your hotel room or outside before your run will allow your heart to get pumping and your body to get moving. Therefore, warm-ups help your body get loose before the workout begins.

  1. Try squats

Squats are a perfect exercise to try if you’re pressed for time. Since squats are known to work out your glutes, hamstrings, as well as your quadriceps, it’s a great exercise if you want to work out your lower body. However, if you don’t perform a squat in the proper form, you can be injured quite easily. To perform a squat correctly, you should stand approximately six inches ahead of a chair and let your hips lower until your bottom lightly hits the seat underneath.

6 Exercises to Try While TravelingAlso, during the squat, you should hold out your arms to make it more challenging. Some people swear by this technique that allows them to exercise in a small amount of time. Additionally, to perform a squat little to none materials are required except for the use of a chair; however, some people use other items like a stool or a small table. Therefore, performing a squat is a great way to exercise while doing so in a small amount of time and with little to no materials.

  1. Do the bird dog  

Most people who travel experience back pain due to the plane seat, chronic conditions, and overall stress. However, a stretch called the bird dog can not only help you get the exercise you need but can also treat back pain. First, you begin on your hands and knees and then raise one arm and outstretch the opposing leg, although your core shouldn’t move. Many people find that the bird dog stretch is ideal if you want to enhance your core strength. Since the only material needed is a mat you can do this stretch at a hotel, in your office, or in an airport. Due to its versatility and ability to reduce back pain, the bird dog stretch is one of the best exercises for people who travel a lot.

  1. Do push-ups

These days, push-ups tend to be overlooked for their practicality, however, when you’re continually traveling doing a push-up or two could come in handy. However, if you do a push-up incorrectly, it could result in an injury. To do a push-up correctly, you should place your hands on the floor and push down your body so that your upper arms are equivalent to the floor. You can also begin from a knee position and progress from there. Although, many people make mistakes like allowing their hips to move upward or allowing their core to slump. Such mistakes will most likely result in sore muscles or injury. Therefore, doing a push-up can be a crucial part of a person’s workout, especially for a person who is traveling; however, make sure you have the correct form when performing a push-up.

  1. Perform a plank

6 Exercises to Try While TravelingFor some people performing a plank is challenging to do, but just like a push-up it requires no materials and is practical to do in any surroundings. But just like a push-up, if you perform a plank incorrectly you can quickly get hurt; thus, it’s essential that you correctly know to perform a plank. To achieve a plank properly, you should first begin from a push-up position then push your upper body so that your forearms are level on the ground and equivalent to each other. It’s important to maintain tightness in your core, and if you want an added challenge, you can switch between elevating each foot up from the ground. Therefore, performing a plank can give a person the exercise they need in a small amount of time; however, be sure you’re performing the exercise correctly.

  1. Do the dead bug

Many people don’t realize what the dead bug stretch can do for a person not only physically but mentally too. In fact, if you are feeling stressed performing the dead bug stretch is proven to help a person relax and maintain mental composure. To begin, a person first needs to lie on the floor with their back touching the ground, then lift one arm straight into the air as well as the opposing leg. If your core is tight, then that means your performing this exercise correctly, after raising one arm and one leg slowly lower them; however, do so without arching your back.

The dead bug exercise is the perfect exercise if you want little to no strain on your spine, but you want to exercise your core. The dead bug exercise also requires little to no materials so it’s a practical exercise that can be done on the go. Therefore, the dead bug exercise is an excellent way to work out while traveling since it allows a person to destress as well as exercise the body.

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