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5 New Sex Positions to Get Spicy in 2017

by Steve Gordon
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If you want to raise the sexual bar in your relationship and get things a little fired up, maybe it is time to try out some new sex moves. Perhaps your bedroom action has got a little stuffy and you find yourself repeating the same sequence over and over, why not change it up. 2017 is a brand new year and with it brings a brand age of sex for you and your partner. Try dicing with the devil and giving these raunchy positions a swing.

The Amazon

preview-full-shutterstock_345419444This position feels a little odd at first as it seems a bit backward. While you are used to missionary with her, it is kind of like a male missionary. You lie on your back and bring you knees up, so your legs are bent. Spread your legs and have her come in between them. She needs to lean the tops of her thighs on the backs of yours, as she takes you inside of her. Her weight keeps your legs up, as you can bring your arms around to hold her butt, moving her up and down. This is a very penetrative position for the woman.

The Resting Cowgirl

While we all know the cowgirl and many are familiar with reverse cowgirl, this gives a little twist. Have her sit on you, facing your feet, straddling your penis. Now bend your knees so your feet are flat. She then leans her body on your knees. The leaning forward action gives a better angle for your penis to rub her G-spot, while you can feel her breasts bouncing while she bops up and down on top of you. It also gives you a great angle of her butt.

Standing Dog

Doggy style is always a favorite for men as it allows the penis to sink deeply into her. However, if you stand up next to the bed and have her on all fours. Enter her and then lift her legs on to your shoulders. This will give you a downward trajectory for better penetration.

The Relaxed Lotus

preview-full-shutterstock_566707693The lotus position is an old position but a very good one, at the heart of the karma sutra. This position is a modification of that. Cross your legs and have her straddle you, facing you. Once she is on top of you, have her cross her legs behind your back for grip. Then she needs to lie back on to the bed. You can pull her toward you for the thrust motion. This is a nice relaxing position for her, while also tickling the opening of the vagina, providing erotic shivers.

Making a pizza

This requires a little upper body strength but is a real sexy alpha male move. You need to be standing, you can use a wall to support if you need. Lift her up and have her wrap her legs around you. Lower her on to your penis. The motion her comes from you lifting her up and down on top of your penis. Bending slightly back will help to get a better angle.

Now, these 5 moves are quite strenuous but the results are incredible shivers of sexual pleasure. They will certainly spice the year up and can revitalize an old, shabby sex life. However, beware that they might get you a little over excited.

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