5 Keys to Great Sex for Now and For the Rest of Time! 

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  • August 15, 2015
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5 Keys to Great Sex for Now and For the Rest of Time!

When it comes to sex, you either want it to be amazing or just don’t want to have it at all. That’s the truth of the matter, and while people won’t admit it, they secretly know it’s right.

But even though we all know it’s true, great sex doesn’t come easy for most people. For most people, sex can range from “meh” to just decent, and this is no good for anyone involved.

If you’re ready to have explosive sex and get that spark you’ve been dying to get back, here are 5 keys to great sex that you’ll have by your bedside every night:

#1 – Work Your Finger Magic

Your hands are made of gold for this. Getting your finger game going could be exactly what you need to be a sexual god. No, you’re not waving your fingers in the air, and you’re not using them to point. You know exactly what you are using them for.

First, you can insert them into the vagina. This is a solid start. But when things move on and open up, it’s time to hit the anal region.

#2 – Get a Sexual Health Supplement

They don’t make these things just for the fun it, they actually serve a purpose. One of those purposes is so you can start having good sex again.

Remember when you were 18 and just started having sex? Remember how good that felt and how much energy you had? This is what these pills can do for you. Maybe not the bad products, but the good products will definitely do this for you.

Here is my favorite: Formula 41 Extreme

You’ll see a higher sex-drive, better erections, and higher libido. Fantastic product.

#3 – Work on Your Foreplay

Foreplay is severely lacking in most bedrooms. People would rather just get right into sex and skip all of the mumbo jumbo in the beginning. I don’t blame them!

But foreplay could be the magic you need to make sex exciting again. It doesn’t take much, really. Dirty talk, lingerie, or even porn will work nicely.

#4 – Lube it Up!

Lube never gets used anymore, and it’s a shame because it works so well at making sex fun.

Not only does it make everything extra slippery and awesome, it also adds a kinky element to the picture, like it’s something you’ve never done before.

#5 – Get in Shape

Being fat and out of shape ruins everything. You have no energy, look like crap, and nobody wants anything to do with you.

It’s time to lose the gut and get your energy back.

Here’s my favorite weight loss supplement: Lipo Genix Elite

With this product, you’ll curb your appetite, get full faster, and shed fat fast.


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