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4 Ways To Make Sex With A Condom Better

by Steve Gordon
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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’re a condom hater, you’ll probably be incredulous to hear me tell you that condom sex can be fucking awesome. If you’ve not had condom sex for years, you’re missing out and I pity you.

Research has shown that half of us stop using a condom just one month into a relationship. This means if you got started dating your current partner 5 years ago, you’ve missed out on 5 years of awesome sex.

We know your reasons. Not only do you prefer a ‘natural’ feeling, but she’s using birth control and it’s not really convenient to go out and buy a pack of condoms all the time. But if you ditch the rubbers, there are a few things you’re missing out on.

Condoms Eliminate Stress

Stress sex is fucking horrible. How many times have you had sleepless nights after your girl’s period is late? How distracted have you been when you begin to suspect the woman you’re sleeping with might have an STD? Paranoia and insanity can creep in.

If you have condom sex, you can enjoy yourself. You don’t need to worry about popping your cherry and impregnating her. You don’t need to give a shit if her period is late. Nor do you need to Google STD’s at 2am in the morning when you really should be sleeping.

They Improve Foreplay

Just picture your woman sliding on the condom with her mouth.
You’re sold.

See, getting the condom out and slipping it on doesn’t have to be routine. If you use your imagination and indulge in a bit of fantasy, you can make it exciting as hell.

They Can Get Rid Of Premature Ejaculation

Coming too soon is pretty damn annoying. One of the reasons we come too soon, though, is because of the natural contact. Research has shown that by wearing a rubber, your staying power is enhanced, and thus you can have more fun for longer. You’re basically getting more bang for your buck.

They Can Feel Incredible

You might be a full-on condom hater, but perhaps you’re just not using them properly. There are ways to enhance wearing a rubber and get more pleasure out of them, and one of the ways you can do this is to add a tiny drop of water-based lubricant inside the tip. The feeling will be increased threefold. Maybe more.

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