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4 Ways To Eat More Protein

by Steve Gordon

Everyone knows that protein is essential when we’re recovering from a workout. Without an adequate amount of protein in our bodies, any torn tissue could become badly damaged. Moreover, without a protein boost, all those carbohydrates we lost will be doubly felt. In short, we’d feel fucking terrible and claim that we’re never exercising ever again.

Even when we do know that protein is essential after training, all too often we ignore this fact. It’s either down to a lack of knowledge of how to include protein into our diet, or it’s simply because we just don’t like the sound of cottage cheese. Or maybe it’s because we’re pretty bored of beef, turkey, fish, chicken etc etc. Boring. But here’s the thing: Protein doesn’t have to be boring! Cottage cheese can be fun if you know how to use it right. Seriously. Let’s take a look at how to spice up your protein diet.

Cottage Cheese

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? Okay, cottage cheese by itself is pretty dull. We know that. But think of the numbers: 13 grams of protein in a 4 ounce serving. Wowzers. To make it more interesting, you don’t have to it eat it all by its lonesome. It doesn’t want you to eat it all by itself. It knows it’s fucking boring. It’s called ‘cottage’ cheese, how exciting is it gonna be? We all know cottages are lame.

Spread it on pizza or in your wrap, though, and you’re onto a winner. Even better, mix it in with your scrambled eggs. Win.


Quinoa, in contrast to cottage cheese, actually sounds exotic and exciting. It comes with all 6 essential amino acids. To put that into context, there exist essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. Non-essentials are the ones your body produces naturally. Essentials are the ones you’ve gotta eat. And because they’re essential, you’ve gotta find ‘em.

Quinoa has got the lot, ands the bonus is that it can be made to taste like fried rice as long as you cook it right. The best way is to include it in a stir fry. We’re salivating already.


Peas are not our favourite veg by any means. Lots of people dislike peas. Loads of people in our office here can’t believe I’m including peas in this article, with some saying “YOU’RE GONNA GET FIRED FOR THAT.”

But peas aren’t all that bad. A single cup equates to 8 grams of protein, but if you dislike the taste you can these days buy pea protein powder which actually makes for a pretty cool snack.

Protein Water

It’s surprising the amount of folk who have never heard of protein water. Protein water is enough to quench the first of those with a massive sweet tooth, and it’s also armed with much more protein than your average, “normal” bottled water. Get on it. It’ll keep you as filled as milk.

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