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4 Ways in Which You Can Balance Your Hormones and Improve Your Health

  • by usahealthymen
  • December 29, 2017
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Hormones are some of the most important chemicals that are used within our bodies, as they signal the body to regulate our physiology over the long term. They impact every aspect of our health, and because of this getting a handle on them is key in becoming healthy.

Most of us first think of things like testosterone and estrogen when we first think of hormones, but insulin, cortisol, epinephrine, and growth hormone are also some examples of hormones the body produces.

Conventional treatment for hormonal imbalance usually involves some kind of synthetic hormone replacement therapy such as birth control for women. These synthetic hormones mimic the real thing that the body uses, which can not only reduce the functioning of the organ in question over time, but can cause other negative health effects as well.

A study recently conducted in Denmark found that women who took birth control were 38% more likely to develop breast cancer than those who didn’t regularly take it. Not only do these drugs mask the problem, but they can cause us other harm as well, making people seek out other options.

How Can You Balance Your Hormones Without Medication?

1.Reduce Sugar Consumption and Increase Fat Consumption

As many of us know, the average diet of a person living in the United States or other countries who eat a similar diet is not conducive to good health. The diet consists of way too many sugars and carbohydrates, and really lacks both good fat and protein.

Fat is something that many of us have long been told is bad for us, but completely cutting it out of our diet is a recipe for disaster. Fats are broken down in to smaller fatty acid chains which are then used to produce many things in the body, including our hormones.

Another problem with eating too many carbohydrates and foods rich in sugar is that they promote inflammation, a problem that can lead to many issues including hormonal imbalance itself. In this case these inflammatory foods do damage to the digestive tract, which can be so bad to the point where it affects its ability to properly absorb nutrients in to the body and can lead to multiple deficiencies.

2. Adaptogen Herbs

Adaptogen is just a fancy term for an herb which is used for its healing properties, a concept that has existed for thousands of years. Many of these types of herbs can help bring back hormonal balance because they are loaded with nutritional value, and contain compounds which can be used to do so.

Many of these herbs aren’t sold in your typical grocery store especially if you live in North America, as many of these plants aren’t native to that area. You can go to a local health food store to pick some up but that can get expensive, so your most cost effective option is to pick up a supplement.

Relax Holy Basil by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle is an excellent option as it contains the highest concentration of the active ingredient, ursolic acid.

3. Supplementation

In case it isn’t already apparent, nutrition ahs a huge impact on hormonal balance. If you are like many people out there you are deficient in at least a vitamin, mineral or two and need to get them from somewhere.

Ideally you want to be getting these nutrients from your diet, however that simply doesn’t happen for many of us. If this is the case then it is in your best interest to pick up a multivitamin to make up this difference.

Vitamin D is a huge one that many of us are deficient in, and one important nutrient that isn’t abundant in many foods out there. Recent studies have also shown that vitamin D supplementation can help a person fight depression and other mood disorders related to a deficiency in this vitamin.


Probiotics are something else you want to consider supplementing your diet with, or you can eat more foods which contain these helpful bacterial such as yogurt, kefir, soy, and other fermented foods.

Probiotics are important when it comes to hormonal balance because they are essential in digesting certain foods and producing nutrients we need. It may sound gross but some bacteria eat the food in our gut to break it down into vitamins such as the ones in the large intestine which produce vitamin B12.

If you are someone who suffers from gas, bloating, cramping or anything else related to indigestion, adding more probiotics to your diet will help to solve that issue as well.

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