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4 Reasons Why You Should Scrape Your Tongue

by Steve Gordon

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ew of us actually consider scraping our tongues. Indeed, few of us even look at our tongues. It’s just something we know is there, and something that pisses us off whenever we bite it.

Oh, and it’s also pretty useful for kissing girls.

But, see, if you don’t scrape your tongue, there are a few drawbacks. For a start, your girl might get pissed off at your bad breath. Secondly, your tongue could be absolutely laden with more food debris than a University canteen after a food fight.

Failing to scrape our tongue has some serious health drawbacks too. Our un-scraped tongues are full of food debris and nasty toxins which can easily make their way into our bodies,s where they are then free to fuck us up. This means respiratory problems, digestive issues and a shot immune system.

Halitosis Is Ugly

You hate bad breath, don’t you? You remember school days when a kid was always picked on for his bad breath. Poor kid. No doubt he didn’t scrape his tongue every night.

Without realising it, though, you could have halitosis too. It’s just that no one’s told you yet. A surefire way of getting rid of it is to scrape your tongue – especially at the back.

You’ll Be Able To Actually Taste Your Delightful Food

Your taste buds exist on your tongue, and if they become congested with toxic mucus, they won’t be able to do their job properly. Eventually, if they become so blocked with mucus, you won’t be able to taste anything at all.

For all you know, your chicken at the moment doesn’t even really taste of chicken. Scrape your tongue to see what it really tastes like.

You’ll Boost Your Immunity

Do you want to give your immunise system a boost? Of course you do! A remarkably easy way to do this is by scraping your tongue. It literally takes a few minutes and yet the benefits are amazing.

Because the tongue is your first line of defence, it needs proper car. Look after it.

Your Overall Dental Health Will Improve

We all hate trips to the dentist. To help keep the dentist away, you should scrape your tongue. This will help to remove the bacteria and toxins that are often the root cause of gum infections, gum disease, tooth decay and so on and so on. Start with your tongue and you’ve got a good foundation.

Warning and Tips

  • Invest in a proper tongue scraper
  • Don’t ask your girl to do it as foreplay.

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