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4 Eating Personalities That Hinder Weight Loss

by Steve Gordon
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Understanding your eating habits can help you on a road to weight loss as it enables you to pinpoint your weak spots and find ways to combat them. Say that you eat when you are upset or you snack when you have been drinking beer, you can identify these habitual acts and find methods to change them or stop them altogether. Perhaps you are a bored eater and love to pick at the fridge when you have nothing to do. Filling the fridge with healthy snacks will mean that you can still pick without the guilt or worry. Take a look at these eating personalities and identify which is you.

 Emotional Eater

preview-full-8dc02a_c68673e648754a7593b66cbfb5e1f6f5-mv2Emotional eaters link food with emotions. They tend to eat when they are overwhelmed by a certain emotion which can be as simple as boredom. It leads you to eat mindlessly without considering the content or nutrition of the food, and instead, trying to find a source of comfort. This means often eating comfort foods. Alternatively, emotional eaters may work on a reward basis whereby they use food as a way to treat themselves when an emotional thing is happening. The way to deal with this is to write down your triggers as they happen and try to recognize them before they come. Channel that into different relaxing behaviors instead.

 Random Eaters

Random eaters tend to eat in a more chaotic pattern. They tend not to have three meals a day and only eat when they are hungry. The problem with this is that you cannot always recall what you have eaten and tend to just eat whatever you feel like in that moment, rather than consciously making healthy choices. Due to this, it can be hard to pinpoint what you are eating that is wrong. For chaotic eaters, making sure to have at least one regular, healthy, mindful meal a day is important; breakfast is the best option as it starts the day right. You can also try keeping a food diary.

 Access Eaters

Access eaters don’t tend to just eat when they are hungry. Instead, they will eat if food is available to them. This comes from a deep-rooted survival mechanism, but it can mean that you tend to end up indulging on too much food, and especially on delicious snacks. You will find that access eaters tend to buy last-minute chocolates at the counter and stand by buffets at events. The best way to lose weight if you are an access eater is to get rid of all the unhealthy food in your house. Junk food only serves as a temptation. Equally, try to hide things in opaque boxes in the cupboard as it helps to trick the mind.

 Social Eaters

preview-full-Eating (1)Social eaters are the people who eat in social situations because the food is there. You may meet someone in a bar and order a round of bar snacks even though you are not hungry. Maybe you go for a coffee and get a cake just because it is there. These meals are not planned and the chaotic schedule usually causes you to eat more fat and sugar than you would regularly do. It is important to risk the temptation. You can do this in a coffee shop or bar by only going to the counter with the right money for a drink. Alternatively, switch up your activities and go for a walk instead.

Regular mealtimes and a weight loss supplement like ‘Flat Belly’ can help you to lose weight more effectively. Regularity will help you to see where you might be tripping up.

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