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4 Cheesy Pick-Up Lines That Work

by Steve Gordon
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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you pop onto dating sites, women will advise you not to be cheesy. If you listen to dating gurus, they’ll tell you not to reel out your cheesiest one-liner because these cheese-fests’ are ultimately “degrading, sexual, and sexist.”

But there are always exceptions to the rule. There are always gonna remain a few cheesy one-liners that actually do work. These are the loveable ones; the ones which are definitely cheesy but which are inoffensive, funny, and even a little charming.

And incase you’re scared that using one of these lines is going to result in a drink in your face – or a slap – these were each picked out by female relationship experts. So they’re pretty much 100% foolproof. Use these on your next night out and you could be onto a winner.

I’m Sorry, Were You Talking To Me? No? Well, Please Start.

This has about 80% of cheese in it, but at least it’s not offensive. Moreover, it isn’t explicitly saying, “I WANT TO SEE YOU NAKED.” Instead, it’s letting her know you want to chat to her and see what she has to say.

Like all one-liners, though, you’ve gotta wait until her current conversation has paused.

My Friends Say I’m Afraid Of Commitment. Wanna Help Me Prove Them Wrong?

This one-liner stinks of cheese, but at least it’s showing the girl that you’re relationship-minded – which is very important. If she’s the kind of girl who is looking for a stable, loving guy, this kind of harmless one-liner is a pretty good opening for you and might just let you in.

I Bet You $30 You’re Gonna Say No To Me

This is classic self-deprecation when approaching a woman and it’s about 95% cheese. If there was anymore cheese you may as well open up a frickin’ cheese store.

But women love guys who laugh at themselves and aren’t afraid to put themselves down a little. It’s a funny, inoffensive one liner that breaks the ice and makes you look like a genuinely nice guy.

Forget About Batman and Superman, Spiderman And All Those Other Man’s. I’m Your Man

Okay, this is 100% cheese. This is so bad that it’s fucking good.

All women have rescue fantasies, and by tapping into her fantasy with some humour, you’re onto a winner.

Unless she prefers down-to-earth, mysterious, complex types. In which case, you’ve no chance.

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