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3 Ways To Gain Bulk

by Steve Gordon
3 Ways To Gain Bulk

Bulk and Cut is quite a common thing in the weightlifting world. Basically, guys love nothing more than to bulk up before losing weight over a certain fixed period. The end result of this procedure is a more chiseled, more defined physique.
It sounds pretty cool, but when you bulk up in this way, you are left with unwanted fat that doesn’t just disappear a few weeks or months later. Indeed, it can hang around for years like a fat stalker. And who here wants a fat stalker?
Didn’t think so.
Instead, we’re gonna have a look at how to gain muscle without also gaining unwanted fat. The way to do this is via your diet.

Eat More Whole Foods

If you’re going to make a clean bulk (a clean bulk is a bulk without unwanted fats), your calories need to be crammed with vitamins and nutrients. These will maximise the amount of muscles you build, as well as enhancing your recovery from a workout.
So you need to think a little more carefully about what you’re eating. For example, trade a pizza with a healthy stir-fry that comes with lean meat and veggies. Lean meats and veggies are essential if you’re going to achieve a successful clean bulk.

Eat Carbs Sparingly

In fact, you should eat carbs only on days when you’re going to be training. You see, the secret to a successful clean bulk is all about timing. It’s all about not just knowing what to eat, but when to eat. Too many carbs is bad, and so saving them for workout days means you’re gonna get the best out of them because they’ll come in handy for repairing your muscles. Maximise your carbs and they’ll maximise you.

Eat Like A King If You’re Too Skinny-fat

You can’t really start a clean bulk if you’re skinny-fat. Well, you can, but it won’t be a success. Before you properly embark on your clean bulk regime, you firstly need to get lean. You need to have this desired of leanness to achieve your desired physique.
So your body needs to be just right first. You’ve gotta have noticeable abs, and you need to have around 10% body fat. In this way, your body will then be able to enhance the way it distributes nutrients between fat and muscle, thereby ensuring a successful clean bulk, as well as nullifying fat gains.

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