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3 Places Where Sex Will Be More Fun 

by Steve Gordon
3 Places Where Sex Will Be More Fun

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’re like most people who have been having sex for years and years, doing the same thing in the bedroom can get old pretty quick, right? I mean, sure,  it still feels good, but if you’re not doing anything new, it can get stale quickly. And we’ve all been there!

But what if you could spice things up a bit and have sex in really weird places to make sex more fun again? Would you try it?

So if you’re an adventurous type who likes to try new things, here are 3 places that you could try to have sex that could be really fun:

#1 – Motel Room

Renting out a motel room for the night or just a few hours could be like a porn movie for most people. Hell, you could even try to do some role playing to spice it up even further.

For some reason, this choice ranks highly on answers people give on places that turn them on to have sex.

Maybe it’s being somewhere that you don’t care gets messy, or maybe it’s just the change of scenery, but this seems to be a popular answer for most.

#2 – Beach

Probably not during the day, but when the beach closes up for the night and everyone leaves, this would be a good time to get naked and have a little fun.

This is the second most popular answer for where people would love to have sex.

It’s probably because the mood is just right: the moon is at your back, the wind is gently touching you, and you’re lying in some soft sand getting ready to be naughty.

Chances are, plenty of people have done this.

#3 – Public Bathroom

This one is for the extremists out there, but this is the third most popular answer.

A lot of people wouldn’t do this because they wouldn’t want to get caught, but the people who say this is their favorite spot to have sex blame their intentions of the risk and chance of being caught.

On top of that, people walking in and out seems to turn some people on.


If you’re one for trying new things, these places could definitely be right up your alley. Would you want to try these? Or are they took extreme for you? Let us know down below!

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