Month: September 2018

holding hands makes a better relationship

Arguments for Chivalry

Some insist that chivalry is dead, while some insist that it neither is nor, should it be. Some insist it is harmful to gender relationships, Others blame its decrease for a dystopia of meaningless sex and empty feelings, and others mean well but are unsure of what to do. If you are sometimes unsure what …

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healthy men in the USA

Benefits of Running

There are many exercises that people take to make them happy. Swimming, weightlifting, walking, they all do something for someone. And running is one of those activities that can offer so much. It can reduce your high blood pressure risk, it can strengthen your bones and limbs, and it can strengthen your immune system. Running …

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weight loss supplements

Diet Pills

Sometimes, it’s tough to keep yourself to a healthy weight. Whether it’s due to genetics or past choices that you now regret, you have accumulated a BMI past 30, and you have decided to diet and exercise. After a while, though, it’s harder than you thought to lose all that weight and now you’re considering …

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