2 Ways to Blow Your Sexual Partner Away! 

2 Ways to Blow
[dropcap]H[/dropcap]aving amazing sex is everyone’s dream!

Whether you just picked up a one-night stand or whether you’re just about to have fun with a long-time girlfriend or wife, having awesome sex is exactly what you want.

But how exactly can you blow your partner away? For most men, having great sex is something of a rarity. Sure, when you’re in the mood, it can be amazing what you can do.

But if you’re just kind of in the mood, your moves might not be that great.

Here are 3 ways that you can show your partner that you’re a sexual god!

Use Male Enhancement Supplements to Give You A Sex Boost

Male enhancement products have been around for at least a decade, but a lot of men still refuse to use them for some reason.

They’re there to help you become better at sex, so why ignore them? The stigma surrounding them is likely what’s scaring most men away from them.

To some, using them is a sign that you’re less of a man, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether you’re young or old, using male enhancement supplements could be what you need to get your edge back in the bedroom.

These 3 male enhancement supplements will give you better, stronger erections, as well as more energy to engage in hours of sex:

  1. Sexual Overdrive
  2. FCK Power
  3. Formula 41 Extreme

Learn Some New Moves to Teach Them

Everyone loves to learn. If you learn some new moves to use in the bedroom, you might be able to wow your partner enough to want to frequent the bedroom more often.

Or, if you’re having sex with a one-night stand, this could open the door for more sex at a later date, which is always a welcomed opportunity.

Most of the usual moves like missionary or doggy are tried and tried. Well, maybe not missionary. That’s kind of boring.

But doggy style is great!

Want to really wow your partner? Try the piledriver or scissor move. The piledriver works by make her put her vagina way up in the air, high enough for you to stand up and insert your penis into her.

This feels awesome for you, but it’ll really hit her G-Spot.

The scissor move works by spreading her legs vertically, and then going in between them. This is an interesting move that takes practice, but she’ll love it. So will you.


These two tips will help you be the king of the bedroom and get more sex as a result.

There’s nothing as amazing as awesome sex, so it’s best to take the bull by the horns and be proactive with your sex life.


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