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12 Reasons Interval Workouts Are Worth Your Time and Effort

by Joe Gates
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Everyone’s fussing about the latest craze in the fitness department today. With better results in less time, high-intensity interval training is the best exercise for the modern man who is always on the go.

High-intensity interval training is a form of workout where you alternate intense bursts of anaerobic exercise and short recovery periods that are sometimes active. Keeping your heart rate at higher levels, interval training enables you to burn more calories in less time.

The idea behind this training is to get maximum results in half the time. But these are not the only benefits of interval workouts. High-intensity interval training can make your life much easier because of the following reasons:

It saves you time

Weight loss has never been this effective and efficient. Unlike other weight loss quick fixes, interval workout gives you lasting results without a boomerang effect. The maximum results exercisers get in half the time might lead you to doubt.

Well, don’t be because science has something to say. A study in the Journal of Physiology found that sedentary men who cycled for about 40 to 60 minutes five times a week showed similar results with participants who did sprint interval training for not more than 12 minutes three times a week.

This makes it the perfect exercise for you if you’re a busy person. Squeezing 12 minutes into your schedule wouldn’t hurt that much.

It burns more fat

box pushupsBecause interval training requires you to exert more energy, the process burns more fats fast. Interestingly, the fat-burning abilities of interval workouts go beyond workout time and could last for up to two hours after the workout.

The frequency of your workout is important as well but should not trail into your next session and affect its performance. A movement that involves your full body and keeps your heart rate up would be a killer. For total beginners, the mountain climber is the best place to start melting the fats.

It boosts metabolism

Compared to exercises that don’t follow intervals, interval training enables you to use more oxygen, leading to increased metabolism and faster fat burning processes. Research shows that the stimulation of your human growth hormone is at its peak after each workout, which leads to a faster metabolism.

It’s easier to follow

You’re more likely to stick to an exercise that you love. The reason why some people fail in their weight loss goals is that they feel their workouts are more of a burden. Loving your workout makes it easier for you to follow through. Exercise physiologist Tom Holland says people enjoy interval workouts more than they do with low intensity or vigorous exercises.

It’s not confined to a place

One good thing with an interval workout is that you can do it anywhere you like. Though machines and weights could be of help, using your own weight gives the same results. You can do pushups, burpees, and lunges at home or the airport while waiting for your flight schedule.

It helps lose fat instead of muscles

Some exercises, particularly steady cardio, enable your body to lose muscles and not fats. With interval training, you can be sure you’re losing fats because you’d be working against your weight, which preserves your muscles as you shed the extra fats.

It helps you use energy more effectively

There are three ways interval training helps you make use of your energy more effectively. First, it allows your body to work hard and recover later. Second, the recovery period enables the removal of toxic wastes. Third, you breathe more effectively as you do the alternate movements.

It improves your endurance

Endurance allows you to work more intensely over an extended period. Building this skill is important, especially for athletes in the competitive arena. Your genes play a role in your endurance too but if you don’t have it, you can train your body to achieve it. And the shortest route to endurance is through high-intensity training.  Numerous studies affirm that this workout works not only in building endurance but also in promoting overall health.

It keeps you healthy

Interval training helps regulate glucose levels by increasing glucose metabolism. It also improves insulin sensitivity. One study reveals that patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes showed improvements after training for two weeks. Interval training also works out your heart and keeps it healthy.

It pushes you out of your comfort zone

intense workoutInterval training doesn’t follow strict routines, making it the best exercise for beginners and seasoned exercisers alike. You only have to pick up movements that suit your capabilities until you find the sweet spot, which brings you better results. As you gain mastery of yourself, you can push yourself to more challenging movements. Because you keep experimenting with new combinations, you will not get bored on your way to fitness and health.

It gives you the same results

Whether you do cycling intervals or burpees, you can get the same result, making it easier for you to choose the workout that you love most. Switching your workout intervals daily would not be an issue since you’d be getting the same results. So, be not afraid when you want to bike today and jog tomorrow.

While high-intensity interval training is a sure way to keep you fit, there’s still another catch. You can’t achieve maximum results when your body won’t allow you to do so. Your body must be in good shape to enable you to workout with fewer injuries and health issues.

For example, if you don’t eat enough carbs, you fall short of the fuel needed for your workout. In the same way, when you’re low on testosterone levels, your muscles won’t turn out to be as great as you expected them to be. Hence, normal testosterone levels are crucial for your workout success, especially when you’re well past in your 30s because your testosterone production will then start to naturally decline.

But you don’t have to wait for low testosterone symptoms to occur. Aim for a healthy testosterone level by taking a supplement that contains natural ingredients and had undergone clinical tests to show that it’s safe and free of harmful ingredients.

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Check out Male UltraCore’s official website to see for yourself why it’s the leading testosterone supplement in the market today. Don’t wait any longer. Let your body be testosterone ready as you start your high-intensity interval training.

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