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10 Movies That Will Spark Your Ambition

by Ryan Peters
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Movies aren’t created equal. Each one can make you feel a lot of different emotions including fear, happiness, anger, sadness, longing, or horror. Luckily for you, the following 10 movies won’t make you feel most of those emotions. They will help you feel inspired and motivated to go out in the world and leave your mark on this luscious planet. A common question is, “What would you do if you had no fear? What dream would you catch?” After you watch these movies you may make a plan to answer these questions.

#1 The Worlds Fastest Indian

Decades. That’s how long Burt Munro has chased his greatest dream. Driven, he will stop at nothing to make it come true. What is this dream of his? Burt wants to tune his well-lived motorcycle into a racing beast that can set the highest speed record in the world. Played by Anthony Hopkins, Burt’s story will remind you of the importance of perseverance, desire, and the need to follow your dreams no matter what age.

#2 The Straight Story

When his brother has a stroke, Alvin Straight travels across many states to be there for him even though they haven’t spoken in many years. Alvin has no driver’s license so purchases a lawn mower and travels cross-country. He receives help from kind strangers and old friends on the way.

#3 Coach Carter

movie tickets and popcorn for a dateBased on a true story, Coach Carter, chronicles the life of Coach Ken Carter, as he attempts to transform a passionate and rowdy high school basketball team. He shakes up the expectations of the basketball players and the entire town with his insistence on good grades. His rule: Until the entire team meets a higher standard of academic achievement they are not allowed to play. The majority of the town becomes outraged due to this rule because their children have nothing else to keep them from the streets. Through his persistence, he builds the best team in the state and pushes his team, and their town, to believe in their potential.

#4 The Way Way Back

A sad and enlightening film, The Way Way Back, tells the story of a young boy who has lost belief in himself. With a life overshadowed by a cruel stepfather and brightened by a mentor, this teen learns the invaluable lesson of self-acceptance, love, and pride, all while at his job in an amusement park. His new friends teach him how valuable he is and boosts his resilience.

#5 Everybody’s Fine

Frank’s children have spread their wings and flown to many different states. When his beloved wife dies, he visits each child, traveling through many parts of America. During his cross-country journey, he learns much about his children, both the mundane and the extraordinary. Each child has grown into their own selves and relates to Frank in different ways.

#6 Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

Held aloft by the belief of his mother, Ben Carson blossomed from a fatherless, ordinary student with a difficult disposition to a world-renowned neurosurgeon who would change the world forever. Through his determination, natural talent, and the undying support of his family, he reaches heights of achievement rarely attained by most. This movie is filled with messages of hope, perseverance, and confronting obstacles head-on.

#7 Bend It Like Beckham

group of friends watching in movie theaterJess is eighteen years old and dreams of playing soccer in the professional women’s league. There’s just one problem- her parents and culture. She comes from a strict Sikh family that doesn’t believe in playing “a boy’s game”. Cooking, cleaning, getting married, and being a good wife are valued in her culture. But, these mean nothing to her. Jess has other plans for her life. One day, when playing in the park with a group of guys, she is discovered by a woman who plays on an official soccer team that is looking for new recruits. During her time on this team, she rises to the top of the ranks with her amazing skills. She garners the favor the coach and team, but what will Jess do when her family finds out she has been sneaking around and playing soccer against their wishes?

#8 Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

A hilarious family comedy, Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, may have your entire family falling from your seats. A day before his birthday, Alexander wishes his entire family would experience his life so they can understand the difficulties he faces. The next day, his family does and they fall into disaster. From extremely busy siblings to a super important interview of his father’s, Alexander’s family will experience the world as they never did before.

#9 One Chance

One Chance begins with an ordinary British man who dreams of becoming an opera singer. After many distressing years, he reaches his dream and applies for “Britain’s Got Talent”. Armed with determination and an unbreakable willpower this man will take success into his own hands and keep pushing until his highest dreams are reached. A message of perseverance and passion is weaved throughout this magnificent film. One Chance will make you reflect on all the chances you have and decide how you plan to take that once chance when it comes.

#10 Love And Basketball

Two friends who have known each other for the majority of their lives have the same dream. Lovers of basketball they both have the perseverance, talent, and passion to make their goals come true, but one thing that may get in their way-their feelings for each other. The woman believes wholeheartedly in both her ability and the man’s, but when they reach college and become star players, destined to go to the professional leagues, the man is injured and loses his ability to play. Will their relationship break when his dreams are lost or will they come together to support the woman’s dream and build a new one for the man?

These movies are just a few that are guaranteed to lift your spirit, build your picture of what is possible, and remind you of the never-ending aspirations that are waiting for you to believe in them so much you have no choice but to go after them.

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